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If, while in Japan you are looking for a modern, cosmopolitan city with a lot of great food and nightlife the head down to Honshu Province in Southern Japan and stop in the port city of Hiroshima. More than just a city with good food, Hiroshima boasts many museums, including …

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Things to see and do in Hiroshima

Justin Otto | FlickrHiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
lightworker999 | Trip by SkyscannerMiyajima
Arazon | Trip by SkyscannerItsukushima Shrine
Itsukushima Shrine
Satoshi Kuwahara | Trip by SkyscannerAtomic Bomb Dome
Atomic Bomb Dome
Mayumi Kawai | Trip by SkyscannerPeace Memorial Park
Peace Memorial Park
Hitoshi Obayashi | Trip by SkyscannerHiroshima Castle
Hiroshima Castle
Hitoshi Obayashi | Trip by SkyscannerShukkeien Garden
Shukkeien Garden
Leigh Virkus | Trip by SkyscannerChildren's Peace Monument
Children's Peace Monument
Leigh Virkus | Trip by SkyscannerCenotaph for the A-bomb Victims
Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims
Pricey | FlickrMazda Museum
Mazda Museum

Reviews of Hiroshima

Frances Nguyen Ha
Frances Nguyen HaSanta Clara, California, USA

Hiroshima is a smaller city in Japan with the atomic bomb memorial site and the iconic Itsukushima shrine nearby. Beyond that, it comes across as a laid back city filled with children and families. Also it's a city that loves Hiroshima.

Viola Rosai
Viola RosaiFlorence, Italy

As soon as you arrive, you can feel on your skin that is a city that suffered a lot but, at the same time, you can see that it is reborn again fullfilled with peace and harmony. You absolutely have to go to the Memorial Museum and the park in the near of the most heavily bombed area.


Hiroshima was definitely a site that brings out a lot of emotion. You can actually go see what was left of a few atomic bomb dome shelters from the bombing. In front of the whole museum, there is a statue of a mother cradling her child and running from the nuclear blast. It seriously brought a tear to my eye as I looked upon it before entering Peace Memorial Park. The Park itself was created in memory of the bombing of Hiroshima during WW2. Within the park, there are monuments and museums throughout. What also got me was this old man stationed right upon entering the park. He has a lot of literature about what happened and also pictures of deformed babies that resulted of years of radiation. Total downer I know. BUT, I did find a great ramen shop right between the park and the shopping area called Hiroshima Ramen. There's a picture of Mirajima on the wall. I spent about 10 days in Japan and spent only a day here in transit to Tokyo, but well worth it.

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

Hiroshima is the most prominent city in the Chogoku Region of Honshu, Japan's main island. Known for the horrific destruction, when the first atomic bomb was dropped here in 1945, many of the city's main attractions are related to that tragedy. A visit to Hiroshima is not complete without seeing Hiroshima Castle & Shukkeien Garden (both reconstructed after the war), as well as Peace Memorial Park & the Peace Museum. Hiroshima is an easy day trip from Osaka. A suggested plan is to take the bullet train from Osaka to Miyajima Island (to visit Itsukushima Shrine), then travel by ferry to Hiroshima, & back to Osaka by train.

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