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To get your reggae on in Kingston, Jamaica, check out the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road. He wasn’t from Kingston itself, but this is where he got his big break, and the museum was once his home and recording studio in the city. For more contemporary beats head to …

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Michael T | Trip by SkyscannerBob Marley Museum
Bob Marley Museum
chillihead | FlickrDevon House
Devon House
amandabhslater | FlickrBlue Mountains
Blue Mountains
Jacqueline B | Trip by SkyscannerEmancipation Park
Emancipation Park
Michael T | Trip by SkyscannerHope Botanical Gardens
Hope Botanical Gardens
Tony the Misfit | FlickrBob Marley Statue
Bob Marley Statue
Beaumont's Jamaica Tours | Trip by SkyscannerBath Fountain Hotel and Spa
Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa
Beaumont's Jamaica Tours | Trip by SkyscannerKingston Dub Club
Kingston Dub Club

Reviews of Kingston

7 of 9
7 of 9Atlanta, Georgia

Residents of Kingston are nice and enjoy living life to the fullest. Many areas here if you want to relax or get into a big adventure by land or in the water. Food is great. Real food people make with real ingredients no fast food and full of preservatives fillings here. Even the soda is made with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. Hey Mon, relax, enjoy a Red Stripe.

dwayne anderson
dwayne andersonKingston, Jamaica

link me up......I know where to find the best chill spot in Kingston Jamaica

editeducationglobalNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I may be biased because my family is from Kingston its outlying suburbs.....but, not really because it is just an awesometastic town! If you haven't been to a hole in the wall club before, going to one in Kingston will turn your favor towards these kinds of joints! First, the DJ's are the originals and will give you something to laugh and dance about. Furthermore if you are near the Portmore are you can go to the beach easily and get some festival and fish. You may even see some people doing things in the water that they probably shouldn't as they are still in public....*smile*....but this is the magic of this city! There are endless things to do like go to Devon House to get some world class ice cream, get a fresh hair do for a fraction of the cost, or eat at some savory restaurants...but my favorite place? THE MARKET, the weekends at the market is great! Get to Kingston, don't believe the hype on danger, but BE CAREFUL! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Juju R
Juju R

Amazing energy

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