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Dreaming of a vacation in Iraq? Look no further than Baghdad. It has something for everyone including Samad (صمد) and Yarmouk. Even better, vacations to Baghdad don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with a …

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Things to see and do in Baghdad

‫فديت امي‬‎ | Trip by SkyscannerSamad (صمد)
Samad (صمد)
Hossein Mahani | Trip by SkyscannerSamarra Archaeological City
Samarra Archaeological City
Saif Alrubaee | Trip by SkyscannerHunting Club
Hunting Club

Reviews of Baghdad

Jarrod Snell
Jarrod SnellNashville, Tennessee, USA

Lots of history along with lots of conflict and a population that will seemingly always be divided.

Mohamaed Al-Bayati
Mohamaed Al-BayatiDamascus

It's the great city in Iraq, Arabs country, but I hope peace and victory to this city.

husam hasan
husam hasanAl-Fallujah, Iraq

hometown I love it so much but unfortunately now this place is horrible and difficult to live in I hope it return nice and clean

Reggie Bryant
Reggie BryantNew York City, New York State, USA

I traveled all over this city after the fall of Sadam. There are some beautiful people in this city. Many only see what is on tv, but this city has much to offer and the people there are special.

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