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Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and is located on Java’s northern shore. It is known as “the city of heroes” due to its role as the sight of many events leading up to Indonisian independence. The city is not popular among tourists, and is usually an entry …

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Things to see and do in Surabaya

Don_Nastain | FlickrTunjungan Plaza
Tunjungan Plaza
Yanti | Trip by SkyscannerSuramadu Bridge
Suramadu Bridge
Erfira Sefitri | Trip by SkyscannerHouse of Sampoerna
House of Sampoerna
Ipa Monkasel | Trip by SkyscannerMonumen Kapal Selam
Monumen Kapal Selam
Angelica Nataya | Trip by SkyscannerMy Home
My Home
BEST PHOTO | FlickrPantai Kecil
Pantai Kecil

Reviews of Surabaya

Ceci Nupi
Ceci Nupi

The best city for foodies! So many local foods with cheap prices. Plenty of traditional, chinese and seafood!

Lovely Tya
Lovely Tya

the hottest city in indonesia, but having uniqely. many place, many food, and many traditions

YantiJakarta, Indonesia

The only reasons I visited this city were for business and on my way to see Bromo. Surabaya is another business city that does not offer a lot of sight seeing options. Other than the food is great, I find it difficult to admire this city.

LhenyTiara BeBetter
LhenyTiara BeBetterMadiun

because surabaya is full of history of struggle Indonesia country,there are many builds,monument and beautiful place arround it

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