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The jewel of the Kashmir Vale, the lakeside city of Srinagar often gets a bad rap owing to its episodes of periodic unrest (and they can get pretty bad), but in times of calm (which are extended and many) it can be a singularly beautiful place. Situated alongside Dal Lake …

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Things to see and do in Srinagar

Bash Mir | Trip by SkyscannerKashmir Travels India Pvt Ltd
Kashmir Travels India Pvt Ltd
Erick Redcloud | Trip by SkyscannerShalimar Bagh
Shalimar Bagh
Krittika Singh | Trip by SkyscannerMughal Gardens
Mughal Gardens
Erick Redcloud | Trip by SkyscannerNehru Park
Nehru Park
RAVI Kr. Jha | Trip by SkyscannerShupiyan
RAVI Kr. Jha | Trip by SkyscannerDachigam Wildlife Sanctuary
Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary
RAVI Kr. Jha | Trip by SkyscannerChatpal
RAVI Kr. Jha | Trip by SkyscannerWular Lake Srinagar
Wular Lake Srinagar
RAVI Kr. Jha | Trip by SkyscannerNishant Bagh
Nishant Bagh
RAVI Kr. Jha | Trip by SkyscannerIndira Gandhi Tulip Garden
Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden

Reviews of Srinagar

Vinita Jasuja
Vinita Jasuja

Living a local life being with someone who is my first appearance eye catcher it

Singh Komal
Singh Komal

It’s the only place in the world vr ur mind find peace. The people of the Kashmir are very NC, their hospitality is G8, I think Kashmir is the only place in the world we’re the women is safe. Just because of politics Kashmir is suffering...

Himanshu Soni
Himanshu SoniLucknow

Zojila pass near Srinagar, its one the most beautiful passes when you move from Srinagar to Kargil

Matthew Crompton
Matthew CromptonSydney, Australia

With a lovely lake before a backdrop of high, dusty mountains, an interesting Old City and pleasant Mughal gardens, and the deepest and most genuine Islamic Sufi culture in India, there's much to like about Srinagar. It sees primarily Indian tourists, and is wildly popular during the summer yatra (pilgrimage) season, where people ready themselves or recuperate from a trek in the nearby holy mountains. There's some hassle here: the Kashmiri Muslims are known as importuning and somewhat apt to scam you, especially if you're renting one of the town's 1500 houseboats, which are a pleasant if not entirely essential part of the Srinagar experience. Still, Srinagar is a neat place. Don't let the fears in the media scare you: if there's active unrest, give the town a miss, but otherwise it's as safe as anywhere in India.

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