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Lucknow is a major manufacturing and commercial hub in northern India . This capital city is a fast-growing metropolis with a population reaching three million people. Beautiful gardens, fine art and exquisite cuisine earned the city the nickname, “The Constantinople of the India". The top attraction in the city are …

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Things to see and do in Lucknow

arpit mishra | Trip by SkyscannerRumi Darwaza
Rumi Darwaza
Nomadic by Nature | Trip by SkyscannerBara Imambara
Bara Imambara
arpit mishra | Trip by SkyscannerChhota Imambara
Chhota Imambara
Nomadic by Nature | Trip by SkyscannerLa Martiniere Lucknow
La Martiniere Lucknow
Rajat Shukla | Trip by SkyscannerAmbedkar Memorial
Ambedkar Memorial
Nomadic by Nature | Trip by SkyscannerLabyrinth
arpit mishra | Trip by SkyscannerSaharaganj
arpit mishra | Trip by SkyscannerCharbagh Railway Station
Charbagh Railway Station

Reviews of Lucknow

Chilling Monk
Chilling MonkNew Delhi, India

The City of Nawabs screams civility and politeness from each of its residents. They will go out of their way to help you should you need it in this beautiful city. Lucknow is home to impressive architecture & heritage, tales of the Independence movement, and not to forget some of the most lip-smacking cuisines in India.

Kamalan Travels
Kamalan TravelsNew Delhi, India

amed after a legendary king from the Hindu epics, but was the capital of a major Muslim dynasty that ruled the region – Lucknow is the epitome of cultural synthesis. The language and culture that blossomed in this region came to be identified with all of northern India and the city of Lucknow being the center of it all. Its contribution in the fields of literature, poetry, music and dance is unparalleled. Lucknow’s real charm is not in its monuments, as its proud residents like to claim, but in the Tehzeeb-o-Saqafat or ‘culture and sophistication’ of its people.

Mohit Gupta
Mohit GuptaChennai (Madras), India

welcome to the city of nawabs. the best place to be if you are there in uttar pradesh. It has a mixyure of traditions, customs, architecture, youth, &much more. discover yourself.

Nomadic by Nature
Nomadic by NatureNairobi, Kenya

Really not too many draws here. It is a dense Indian city, full of traffic and pollution. There are some old Munghal buildings worth seeing if you are around the way anyways. The most common answer to the question, "what is there to do in Lucknow?", is "nothing".

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