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Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city and one of its most fun destinations. Distinguished by the landmark seafront White Tower and a continuous 3000 year history that rubbed elbows with the Byzantines, Romans and Ottomans, Thessaloniki is nevertheless unencumbered by history when it lets its hair down and sparkles with …

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Things to see and do in Thessaloniki

Katerina K | Trip by SkyscannerWhite Tower
White Tower
Aggie H | Trip by SkyscannerBeach Promenade
Beach Promenade
Lóránt Dankaházi | Trip by SkyscannerRoman Market
Roman Market
Katerina K | Trip by SkyscannerAristotle Square (Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους)
Aristotle Square (Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους)
Elisa atene | FlickrArchaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Vasilios B | Trip by SkyscannerLadadika
Kat Von B (Travelinggreek) | Trip by SkyscannerMediterranean Cosmos
Mediterranean Cosmos
George Razos | Trip by SkyscannerRotunda
Katerina Gagani | Trip by SkyscannerMuseum of Byzantine Culture (Μουσείο Βυζαντινού Πολιτισμού)
Museum of Byzantine Culture (Μουσείο Βυζαντινού Πολιτισμού)
Katerina Gagani | Trip by SkyscannerArch of Galerius
Arch of Galerius

Reviews of Thessaloniki

Dimitrios A
Dimitrios AThessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and the most important center of its Northern part. Built near the sea at the heart of the Thermaikos Gulf, it is a modern metropolis bearing the marks of its stormy history and its cosmopolitan character. Thessaloniki is a City of charm and many beauties. Museums, Archeological sites, excellent food, nightlife are few of the things it has to offer. Find out more at:

PuckThe Hague

Thessaloniki is a Great town for a city trip. Stay in the centre, there's so much to do and see!

Samuel Saidel-Goley
Samuel Saidel-GoleyBedford

Thessaloniki is THE city to visit in northern Greece, with a historic city center, modern town surrounding it and an amazing location on the sea. Have dinner in a local taverna overlooking the historic White Tower for an unforgettable experience!

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

Large Greek city, second to Athens. Busy streets but seems a little calmer. Slowdown in economy shows. Reasonable food prices.

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