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Mytilene is an amazing little city full of life and surprises and if you are someone with a long history in Greece it may actually remind you of Athens or Pireaus in the fifties. Like other great cities Mytilene is built upon seven hills and is full of history. But …

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Things to see and do in Mytilene

Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerTherma Spa Lesvos
Therma Spa Lesvos
Stef P. | Trip by SkyscannerPort of Mytilene
Port of Mytilene
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerCastle of Mytilene
Castle of Mytilene
Stef P. | Trip by SkyscannerErmou Street (Ερμού)
Ermou Street (Ερμού)
Stef P. | Trip by SkyscannerSaint Therapon Church
Saint Therapon Church
Tilemahos Efthimiadis | FlickrTheophilos Museum
Theophilos Museum
Mavroudis Kostas | FlickrStatue of Liberty (Άγαλμα Της Ελευθερίας)
Statue of Liberty (Άγαλμα Της Ελευθερίας)

Reviews of Mytilene

Daniel Odyssey
Daniel OdysseyHartford, Connecticut, USA

I didn't have enough time to explore Mytilene but the island differentiates itself from other Greek islands. The island is greener, some houses look like miniature palaces, and stray dogs and cats roam the streets but do not interact with people unless people approach them. Travel tip: Mytilene has customs access to Ayvalik, Turkey and is a great alternative for people looking to visit Greece and the Aegean and/or Mediterranean coast of Turkey vs. flying from Athens to Istanbul.

Zora O'Neill
Zora O'NeillNew YORK!

I go to Mytilene with my husband's family every other summer or so. It's pretty much the consummate Greek island experience--a real feeling like you're out at the end of the world, rugged scenery, lots of Greeks on vacation, great simple local food (big fat sardines are famous here, from the Bay of Kaloni), and beautiful water. It's a pretty big island, so you can settle in one spot (we go to Eressos) and explore a little on day-trips. As a bonus, it's very close to Turkey, so a couple of times, we've continued our trip in Turkey.

Χρήστος Γκανάς
Χρήστος Γκανάς

Fantastic destination for people who love natural beauty and religious destinations with monasteries.

ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ Τσανουσιδης
ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ Τσανουσιδης

the Municipal Theater

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