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Oulu is a city in northern Finland. It is a major international IT center and one of the most tech-savvy cities in the world. The entire downtown offers free wireless Internet, which puts it a step ahead of much larger and more famous cities. Oulu is not a major tourist …

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chiara cerini
chiara ceriniLos Angeles, California, USA

I had a wonderful camping at Campsite Montta-active camping in Muhos (Oulu), located in a wood and on a river/stream. This camp site with sloping grounds has pitches pitches with shade. Campsite Montta-active camping is located close to a pebble beach. It is possible to rent hikers' cabins. and if you like.. go fishing crabs!

Francis Tapon
Francis TaponSan Francisco, California, USA

For a bit off the beaten path from Oulu, go to Hautajärvi Nature Center and hiking the 80 kilometer (50 mile) Karhunkierros Trail. If you can say the name of that trail, you deserve a trip to Finland. It means “The Bear’s Trail.” The path starts at a place called Hautajärvi, which means “Grave Lake.” With such cheerful names, I wondered if it was smart hiking this trail alone. The Karhunkierros Trail features ravines, primeval forests, and suspension bridges over whitewater rivers. The civilized Finns have built pitkospuu (narrow wooden paths) to preserve the vulnerable vegetation and to make you an easy target for the gangs of mosquitoes.

ux pux
ux pux

Incredible culture, without words. I wish to return

Inderjeet Kaur
Inderjeet KaurOulu, Finland

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