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Hurghada is one of Egypt's most popular destinations, with tourism accounting for 95% of its economy. This once sleepy fishing village has exploded from a few hundred people to over 100,000 in the space of a few short decades. Snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea and whiling away the …

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Dawn T | Trip by SkyscannerHurgada
Emma R | Trip by SkyscannerSliders Cable Park - El Gouna, Egypt
Sliders Cable Park - El Gouna, Egypt
Dawn T | Trip by SkyscannerHurghada Marina
Hurghada Marina
ollografik | FlickrHurghada Grand Aquarium
Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Reviews of Hurghada

dave owen
dave owen

untidy,pestered relentlessly by hawkers,food mediocre,wont be going back.seen it,done it.

Matthias Hagemann
Matthias HagemannStuttgart, Germany

a place to be at the beach but not much more. "A place in Egypt but not in Egypt".

Ann.peterLondon, UK

Hurghada is one of the best known places on the Red Sea. It lies 600 kilometers south of Cairo, halfway down the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea. Hurgada has always been an attraction for those who seeks peace and tranquility. It is both a summer and winter resort and the starting point for deep sea fishing expeditions. There is also windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, glass-bottomed boat trips and other sports to be enjoyed. Almost every hotel possesses a perfectly equipped diving center. i visited Hurghada in Egypt with ,i enjoyed with them.

Sue Divine
Sue DivineUnited States

The Red Sea is gorgeous. There are lots of hotels to choose from. The service is fantastic and everyone just has a great time! BUT ... if you're a single woman traveling alone... don't get too friendly with the local men. Sometimes just a smile or two in their direction will have them wanting to marry you! haha

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