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Sometimes referred to as "The Last City of the Caribbean", Ecuador's largest metropolis exudes all of the energy and charisma one might expect from a tropical port town. Once known for rampant crime and pollution, revitalization efforts in recent decades have transformed the downtown into a safe and sophisticated urban …

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Things to see and do in Guayaquil

Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerMalecón 2000
Malecón 2000
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerLas Peñas
Las Peñas
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerFaro Santa Ana
Faro Santa Ana
Chicken Purse | Trip by SkyscannerParque Seminario
Parque Seminario
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerGuayas River
Guayas River
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerCatedral de Guayaquil
Catedral de Guayaquil
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerHemiciclo de la Rotonda
Hemiciclo de la Rotonda
Steve DeAngelo | Trip by SkyscannerPark of the Iguanas
Park of the Iguanas
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerIglesia del Cerro Santa Ana
Iglesia del Cerro Santa Ana
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerFrutabar

Reviews of Guayaquil

Berenice Arias
Berenice Arias

20 yrs has taken for this city to transform from a connection hub to a tourist spot. Well worth exploring Guayaquil on your next adventure. Summertime can be grueling hot best weather is July to Nov. Food is amazing if in a restaurant or a food cart. My favorite dish Arroz con menestra y carne asada nothing more than rice lentils and bbq beef but the flavor is out of this world

Lauren Baker
Lauren BakerBedford, New Hampshire, USA

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and definitely feels that way. It can often be a passing through point due to its hub status.

Yogic Traveler ❀
Yogic Traveler ❀Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Wasn't in the city for long, just passing through on my way down to the beach and back up into the mountains.

Steve DeAngelo
Steve DeAngeloCocoa, Florida

While Quito is the capital of Ecuador, Guayaquil is Ecuador's largest city, and it's financial capital. Also, unlike landlocked Quito, Guayaquil is a seaport town.

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