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DR Congo
Despite its recently tumultuous past, Kinshasa has opened up to be a beautiful city to vacation in. With many urban gardens, parks, and markets, this city offers many opporunities to stroll along, meet locals, and experience culture. There are many exciting bars and restaurants in this area as well. The …

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Billy Zeb Smith | Trip by SkyscannerMaluku, Congo
Maluku, Congo
derekkeats | FlickrOkapi Wildlife Reserve
Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Reviews of Kinshasa

Anthony Kitenge
Anthony Kitenge

Had a great time, brilliant experience, a country not fully explored with so much to offer

Jiguerd Makano
Jiguerd MakanoKinshasa

I Love Kinshasa

Gunalan Sarvanan
Gunalan SarvananKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sometime there places you really do not want to go !!!!

Kenny  Mouza
Kenny Mouza

Kinshasa a plain city of surprises and adventures