Aalborg Vacations

With a history stretching back 1000 years, Aalborg has since claimed the status of being Denmark’s fourth largest city and serves as a major stop for venturing into North Jutland. Old churches and buildings offer a retreat back in time.

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Things to see and do in Aalborg

Ilian Pavlov | Trip by SkyscannerKarneval i Aalborg
Karneval i Aalborg
Jeanette Kristensen | Trip by SkyscannerKilde Park
Kilde Park
Kelly Paras | Trip by SkyscannerLimfjorden
Kelly Paras | Trip by SkyscannerJomfru Ane Gade
Jomfru Ane Gade
Kelly Paras | Trip by SkyscannerNytorv
agent_mikejohnson | FlickrUtzon Center
Utzon Center
Bernt Rostad | FlickrSøgaards Bryghus
Søgaards Bryghus
Kelly Paras | Trip by SkyscannerAalborgtårnet
andjohan | FlickrEgholm Island
Egholm Island
Payton Chung | FlickrBorgergade

Reviews of Aalborg

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

This is the fourth largest city in Denmark but has not really seen a large tourist invasion. The port is being updated and was nice because we docked right next to the action. The city is very pedestrian friendly with lots of shops and restaurants.

Ryan @ OnyxHotels
Ryan @ OnyxHotelsAustin, Texas

This was a great place to spend the summer back in the day. I had a wonderful time on the beaches. Although it was not very warm, and the water was freezing, I still managed to get quite a sunburn.

Cobe Lai
Cobe LaiHong Kong, China

I spent half a year in this city a few years ago. Aalborg is a splendid and compact city with comprehensive transportation network, you can easy access to any tourist spots that interests you.

Vasileios Theodosiadis
Vasileios TheodosiadisHeraklion

Aalborg is not a densely- populated city. There is no traffic jam and you can go from the one side to the other very fast. It's a picturesque place with some of the characteristics of Scandinavia.

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