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TIANJIN is a metropolis located near the coast outside of Beijing. The city had colonial concessions in the 19th century and still has some remnants of French and German architecture juxtaposed with the concrete and glass monoliths of wealthy contemporary China. Tianjin is one of the five national central cities. …

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Things to see and do in Tianjin

docsdl | FlickrAncient Culture Street
Ancient Culture Street
Larry Zhang | Trip by SkyscannerTian Jin 5 Streets Attractions
Tian Jin 5 Streets Attractions
Travel + Leisure | Trip by SkyscannerTianjin Eye
Tianjin Eye
dearbarbie | FlickrHai River
Hai River
Laeng Yog | Trip by SkyscannerBeining Park
Beining Park
Steve Langguth | Trip by SkyscannerTianjin Zoo
Tianjin Zoo
snowpea&bokchoi | FlickrFood Street
Food Street
Larry Zhang | Trip by SkyscannerTianjin 津塔 津湾广场
Tianjin 津塔 津湾广场
dearbarbie | FlickrTianjin Radio & TV Tower
Tianjin Radio & TV Tower
Larry Zhang | Trip by SkyscannerTianjin Jiefang Bridge
Tianjin Jiefang Bridge

Reviews of Tianjin

D'Maris Coffman
D'Maris CoffmanLondon, UK

This is a great city. Like Beijing a national city with a long history, boasting of the oldest university in China and a significant imperial past. The bridges and rivers are beautiful. It's cheaper than Beijing but less accessible by public transport despite a high speed rail link between the two.

Alyssa Driscoll
Alyssa DriscollBeijing, China

I was told that Tianjin wasn't worth a more than a day trip from Beijing. I disagree! I really liked this small city. This place has breweries, bars, cafe's, and culture. I enjoyed my three days there, and there is also a way to access the great wall ! I wouldn't cross it off your list, just add it on to the end of your Beijing trip.

Emma Bukowski
Emma Bukowski

I love Tianjin but I've lived here for six months now. It's a great place to live but there isn't a lot going on if you want to make a week trip of it. You are better off going to Beijing.

Leow Cheng Lam
Leow Cheng LamKlang, Malaysia

Tianjin people is more friendly and simple. 10 years ago most of them are cycling to work, but now many have their own car. They do have famous food like 'Gou Bu-li Bao-zi' and 'HuaJuan' biscuits. Never and less pay a visit to food Street, Fashion Street and Ancient cultural Street.

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