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With a nearly-always warm and sunny climate, Arica is a leisure traveler's dream. Golden beaches, a lively town center, and ample pedestrian walkways make for a laidback, casual vibe, but it's also a great launchpad for treks in Parque Nacional Lauca and mummies (yes, mummies!) in Azapa Valley.

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Things to see and do in Arica

Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerPlaya el Laucho
Playa el Laucho
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerEl Morro
El Morro
Baochi Nguyen | Trip by SkyscannerAzapa Valley
Azapa Valley
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerCristo de la Concordia
Cristo de la Concordia
Dan Lundberg | FlickrPlaza Colon
Plaza Colon
Venison ... | FlickrPlaya Brava
Playa Brava
Yellonero | Trip by SkyscannerCatedral San Marcos
Catedral San Marcos
ooscarr | FlickrBoulevard Vereda Bolognesi
Boulevard Vereda Bolognesi
-BlackHawk- | FlickrCerro Sombrero
Cerro Sombrero

Reviews of Arica

Yogic Traveler ❀
Yogic Traveler ❀Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

City far in the north of Chile just on the border with Peru which is the main reason why people pass though her on there way north or south.

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

This is a small seaside resort town: quiet, relaxed, safe, with several nice beaches and sun virtually every day of the year. The city of eternal spring and hot & dry. Large street market on Sundays.

YelloneroPhoenix, Arizona, USA

Arica is a delightful and charming coastal city in northern Chile, at the edge of the Atacama Desert.

Cassy Perera
Cassy PereraSan Jose, California, USA

Arica is a quaint beachtown on the frontier of Peru and Bolivia. Most travelers see it as a first world refuge if they’re coming from Peru or Bolivia, and others from the south probably think it’s boring. Life is slow in Arica, but it has plenty of excitement and photo ops if you look below the surface! Guidebooks will tell you to visit: -The Morro, a historical landmark that has a great view of the city - The Church of San Marcos built by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - The port of Arica, where you can feed the monster-sized pelicans and sea lions - The Chinchorro mummies, the oldest mummies in the world, on display at the Museo de Arqueologico de San Miguel Azapa - El Gringo, a famous surf spot where surf competitions are held. The nearby restaurant has delicious abalone empanadas. - Playa del Corazones, a picturesque beach that is more for clambering up hills or over rocks, more than it is to lie around and sunbathe - You can also arrange a tour to Putre, Lauca National Park, and Lago Chungara from Arica The nightlife is interesting in Arica, because while most would think that the major clubs and bars would be downtown, they’re actually on the beach, and the downtown is virtually empty at night. Also, most people show up to the club at 1 am or later, and if you try to show up any earlier than 12 you’ll get laughed at by the bouncers like I did. Here are some of the worthwhile bars or nightclubs in Arica: - Schopp Dog is a pub downtown where you can start the night off with a beer tower and French fries. - De Ja Vu is another bar around the corner from Schopp Dog off the main strip. It’s very laid back and sometimes has local bands play on the weekends. - Tuto Beach is a club on the other side of the Morro that is a walk from downtown, but it’s worth it because there’s no cover and they have good drinks. On weekends they have local celebrities, Los Chicos del Este, a Cuban reggaeton/salsa group, perform and the rest of the night they play mostly Latin music. - Drake and SoHo are the two biggest nightclubs in Arica, located on Chinchorro Beach. They’re hip and popular, but the cover can sometimes be up to $12. They play anything from reggaeton to Lady Gaga. - Sunset is a club in the Valle de Azapa, and on Wednesday nights they have live sex. Yes, live sex on a stage while people dance around them to techno music. I’ve never been because I’m afraid, but if someone’s looking for a wild night in Arica, they’ll find it here.

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