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The capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina is one of the most scenic cities in all of Canada; a claim that's backed up by actual fact rather than just random word choice. According to the Canadian government, Regina officially has more parks and unpaved grounds than any city in the country. …

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John H
John HDenver, Colorado, USA

Regina is a great city to visit for its charm and beauty. There is a lot of history to discover here.

Joseph Coureur
Joseph CoureurNew York City, New York State, USA

Regina is a small city on Canadian Hwy 1. I stopped on a night when a bunch of oil workers were in town so I ended up sleeping in a room above a bar. It was a nice enough room though, and for $CAN7 I got breakfast too. That's all I did though. I got up the next morning and continued my road trip.


Daniel Holmes
Daniel HolmesDubai

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