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Recife is a large coastal city in northeastern Brazil. It is the commercial and industrial center in the region, with booming sugar cane and services sectors that raise standard of living in the city above Brazil’s national average. The city is also home to some of Brazil’s most advanced hospitals …

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Things to see and do in Recife

Fellipe Marques | Trip by SkyscannerInstituto Ricardo Brennand
Instituto Ricardo Brennand
Bob C | Trip by SkyscannerPraia da Boa Viagem
Praia da Boa Viagem
Fellipe Marques | Trip by SkyscannerParque da Jaqueira
Parque da Jaqueira
Lucas Feijão | Trip by SkyscannerPraça do Marco Zero
Praça do Marco Zero
Guilherme Jófili | FlickrCaixa Cultural
Caixa Cultural
Leigh Virkus | Trip by SkyscannerPaço Alfândega
Paço Alfândega
Zudi Dadalt | Trip by SkyscannerDestino Porto de Galinhas
Destino Porto de Galinhas
Nanda Lacerda | Trip by SkyscannerPaço do Frevo
Paço do Frevo
Nanda Lacerda | Trip by SkyscannerParque Dona Lindu
Parque Dona Lindu
Juliane Lucas | Trip by SkyscannerGalo da Madrugada
Galo da Madrugada

Reviews of Recife

Sam Gomes
Sam Gomes

I loved it. The sea is amazing and is close to fabulous places really nice photos!

Gilberto Turelly
Gilberto Turelly

Great place to stay and visit other beaches, near by Olinda, great for carnaval.

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

Large city in the northeast of Brazil. Tropical climate with 2 seasons - wet & dry. We enjoyed just walking around and seeing the locals on a Saturday - market day. The cruise terminal is not actually too far from the main action but the neighborhood next to the port is kind of gritty.

Eduardo Sasso
Eduardo SassoSanta Cruz, California, USA

Hot weather all year long. Famous destination in Brazil this city gets totally packed around january, february and march specially because of the carnival.

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