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Dreaming of a vacation in Bolivia? Look no further than Oruro. It has something for everyone including Carnival de Oruro and Lago Uru Uru. Even better, vacations to Oruro don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving …

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Nomadic by Nature | Trip by SkyscannerLago Uru Uru
Lago Uru Uru

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Daniel Mason-D'Croz
Daniel Mason-D'CrozBrisbane, Australia

I am not a huge fan of Oruro. I think it is a rather austere city, and the color I most associate with it is grey. Unless you are planning to come to Oruro's world famous Carnaval, which I would highly recommend if you plan ahead (rooms fill up very quickly), I wouldn't bother much with Oruro. In a half day you can see most of the interesting sights, and you can grab the train on your way to Uyuni, or a bus on your way to Potosi

Nozomi Mayoineko Kiriya
Nozomi Mayoineko KiriyaOruro

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