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A good-looking Outback town, Winton, Queensland is the Dinosaur capital of Australia , home of Waltzing Matilda and Queensland's Boulder Opal. It's full of nature, culture, and heritage. Beside the Waltzing Matilda Centre in town, outside of Winton are two other excellent sites: the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum , …

Things to see and do in Winton

Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerAustralian Age of Dinosaurs
Australian Age of Dinosaurs
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerBladensburg National Park
Bladensburg National Park
Juno Kim | Trip by SkyscannerWaltzing Matilda Centre
Waltzing Matilda Centre
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerMusical Fence
Musical Fence
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerArno's Wall
Arno's Wall
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerCorfield and Fitzmaurice
Corfield and Fitzmaurice

Reviews of Winton

Juno Kim
Juno KimAnchorage, Alaska, USA

Dinosaur Capital of Australia, home of Waltzing Matilda, and Queensland's boulder opal; Winton is a home of culture, nature, and heritage.

Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage, Alaska, USA

Winton is a self-made town that is hard not to love. This remote and isolated small town of less than a thousand residents has a lot going for it. It's the dinosaur capital of Australia, home of the Waltzing Matilda Center, and has a handsome main street with some historic buildings.

Stephen Hubbard
Stephen HubbardSydney, Australia

Robert Somerville
Robert SomervilleInvercargill, New Zealand