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Newcastle is a city in eastern Australia, 150 kms north of Sydney. The city’s is the largest coal exporter in the world, and its port one of the busiest in the region. Though not considered a popular tourist destination, Newcastle’s proximity to a diverse array of parks and outdoor locations …

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Oliver | Trip by SkyscannerBlackbutt Reserve
Blackbutt Reserve
Oliver | Trip by SkyscannerNobby's Beach, Break-wall and Lighthouse
Nobby's Beach, Break-wall and Lighthouse
Oliver | Trip by SkyscannerNewcastle Beach
Newcastle Beach
Oliver | Trip by SkyscannerThe Obelisk
The Obelisk
Oliver | Trip by SkyscannerFort Scratchley
Fort Scratchley

Reviews of Newcastle

Child of Bohemia
Child of BohemiaCape Town, South Africa

Newcastle is small beach city. I didn't have chance to spend a lot of time there but I just saw the centre which is very nice and colonial architecture is so lovely for me.

WanugeeSF Bay Area, Western US

Newcastle has transformed over the last 2 centuries from a rough and tumble mining town where the worst criminals and convicts in Australia, which was originally populated with England's worst convicts, were sent to work in the coal mines. The town grew up on coal, and later steel. But the it hit tough times in the 70's through the 90s, hitting rock bottom when the huge steel plant closed in the late 90's. The town was named after its namesake back in England, which had a similar blue collar, coal mining heritage, and a lot of the miners actually came from England. A lot of the older architecture of brick buildings is reminiscent of England. But newer construction is of steel, as brick is dangerous because although it is good against the storms that can batter New South Wales, this area also has it's earth quakes. Although still the largest coal port and having made a comeback from the worldwide commodities run in the last decade, the newest commodity has helped to gentrify the area a bit, That is wine growing. The nearby Hunter Valley along the Hunter River is one of the best wine growing regions in NSW, even in all of Australia,

Charbel Fakhoury
Charbel Fakhoury

Nothing there

Jerry Diamoy
Jerry DiamoyNewcastle, Australia

super chill vibes and an absolutely lovely wind-down beach city

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