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Dreaming of a vacation in Argentina? Look no further than Perito Moreno. It has something for everyone including Hielo & Aventura and Cave of the Hands. Even better, vacations to Perito Moreno don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best …

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Reviews of Perito Moreno

Ben Maher
Ben MaherSaint Albans, United Kingdom

Big ice is the only way to go. 7hrs across the ice but some amazing photographic opportunities.

Yuri Rabinovich
Yuri RabinovichSan Francisco, California, USA

This is the most beautiful Glacier in the world. You can watch the glacier explosions and huge pieces falling in to the lake. The color of the ice is blue and depends on the sky, if you come in a cloudy day the color will be dark blue. Worth spending one day, we rented a car in El Calafate and shared the expenses. One the next day take a Catamaran to Glacier Upsala. In this trip you will see huge icebergs floating the lake and the last point of the trip is Perito Moreno where you will see this great Glacier once again. This is the best order to see this place.

Willy A. Suys
Willy A. SuysStrassen, Luxembourg

One of the most exciting places we visited

Erick Bonilla
Erick BonillaBarva, Costa Rica

Impresionante hacer la caminata sobre el perito o verlo desde las pasarelas es una experiencia muy linda