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San Francisco, California, USA

This island off Honduras is known for diving and if you aren't going to dive, not too much too do! It has a laid back weathered vibe, no fancy resorts here. They have some restaurants with American prices but the more local spots are tastier, cheaper and give you a more authentic experience. The best place I ate had a cement floor and plastic chairs, wish I knew the name! They have a small airport, I flew in instead of taking the ferry from the mainland and it was a really short flight in a really small plane. Good place to go diving on a budget if you are okay with roughing it a little.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers

I flew into La Ceiba to hop a ferry over to Utila so that I could learn how to scuba dive in one of the most well-known diving areas. Utila is a tiny island with a generator that turns off all electricity at midnight. It's hot and humid. But have you ever wanted to eat at a restaurant on a dock and jump into the Caribbean Sea in between drinks? Yeah, this is the place for that. Plus, people speak English here. Much easier to have conversations than on the mainland! Paradise!

Denver, Colorado, USA
First to Review

Utila is a backpackers destination. Backpackers who love to dive and snorkel. Like Roatan, the reef here is super healthy and the dive shops are good but inexpensive. For divers/snorkelers, this is considered one of the best places in the world to spot whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean (harmless and impressive creatures)--there is even a research institute here dedicated to their study.

Definitely don't come here for the beaches though--most of Utila's shores are ironshore, though there are a couple decent beaches if you're willing to walk/bike a bit.

Lodging and eats are centered in the Utila's one small town; and are definitely cheaper here than on Roatan....

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBackpackersBudget TravelersOutdoor Enthusiasts
San Francisco, California

Utila is one of the leading dive meccas in the world, and is considered one of the cheapest places to get certified. The tiniest of the Bay Islands, Utila is home to a dozen dive shops and schools, whose instructors greet the twice-daily ferries to offer new visitors their services. Prices are very competitive and often bundled with accommodations. Utila caters to a mostly backpacker crowd with an active expat community, making it common for travelers to decamp here for several weeks or months. For a small island, the food selection is excellent, unless the ferries are non-operational. The party scene is quite lively but easy to avoid if you're looking to make an early dive or ferry!

Palo Alto