Tofino is a small village on Vancouver Island’s eastern coast. The population of under two thousand play host to tourists from across the world who flock to the area for its natural beauty. Hiking into Vancouver Island’s wilderness areas is very popular, and relatively safe during the summer. Whale watching is excellent in season, as grey whales ... Read more
pass by on their way to Baja. Tofino’s long beaches offer some of the best surf breaks in Canada, and often get packed on hot summer days. The town is fairly boutiquey, and eclectic shopping is available throughout. When considering what to eat, look no further than any of the fresh-caught seafood available on the island.

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  • Chesterman Beach
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  • Tonquin Beach
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  • Tofino Brewing Company
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  • Mackenzie beach
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Mountain View, California, USA

We loved our visit to Tofino! The beaches are amazing... sandy and rocky, great for tidepooling, surfing, and campfires. We did an kayaking Guided kayaking tour to a nearby island and hiked around to see old growth forest. The nearby Pacific Rim National Park has fantastic hiking (the short rain forest hikes on the boardwalks were my favorites) and ranger programs.

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Bognor Regis, UK

On the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Tofino is well known to surfers for its long stretches of sandy beaches and big waves. It's also a great place for wildlife enthusiasts. Orcas, Gray Whales and Humpback Whales can be seen in the UNESCO biosphere reserve, Clayoquot Sound, while Black Bears roam the shores at low tide, looking under rocks for crabs and clams. I also discovered another side to Tofino that shouldn't be overlooked, its food and drink scene.

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If you're inclined to explore BC coastline, you can't miss Tofino! Located on the Westernmost side of Vancouver Island, the windswept shores of Tofino will make you feel as though you're at the edge of the world! Amazing beaches, world class surfing, and a distinctly West Coast vibe make this out-of-the-way town an important stop for nature lovers, backpackers, and family travellers alike.
If you have a larger group, I strongly recommend renting a house, preferably one with a hot tub to warm up in after a day in the frigid surf! Not only do you feel more a home, but you can take full advantage of all that delicious seafood coming into the marina daily.

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Vancouver, Canada

Tofino is definitely one of Vancouver Island's gems. It's situated beside Pacific Rim National Park & Clayquot Sound so there's plenty outdoor activities like sea kayaking & hiking to keep you busy.

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Nanaimo, Canada

A three-hour drive from Nanaimo you will never forget. So much beauty from mountain peaks to giant rainforest trees and raging rivers. And Tofino is also awash in spectacular scenery. This is a must-go place for visitors!

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Greater Vancouver, Canada

So nice out there. Check out the whale watching tours and the little restaurants. Don't forget to take a walk at the McKenzie Beach.

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Menlo Park, California, USA

Another notoriously chilly spot that's become hot among surfers looking for something different: Canada. From tidal bores and rolling rivers to perfect island beach breaks, this North American giant has a lot to offer the enthusiastic hunter of waves. Tofino on Vancouver Island, BC has now become known as Canada's surf capital. Offering up 35 km of surfable beach appropriate to surfers of all levels as well as stupendous scenery, wildlife and a fun surf vibe. This destination is attractive to novice and expert riders alike, even if the cool of winter here is best for swell. Out on the other side of the country, a couple of American surfers have recently made a name for themselves riding the tidal bore on the Petitcodiac River in Moncton in New Brunswick. A rare phenomenon involving a massive bay wave spilling back into the mouth of the river at high tide, the pair spent two and a half hours in July 2013 surfing over 20 miles upriver, earning them the North American record for the longest wave ever. Landlocked surfers in middle Canada also get creative, surfing river waves on the Santa Claus in Calgary, Habitat 67 in Montreal and others.

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First to Review

Tofino is a little slice of Heaven at the end of the road. Tucked into the far corner of Vancouver Island this little town is a haven for surfers, bohemians and travellers looking for the edge of the out back and beyond.

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Toronto, Canada

Tofino was an amazing town to visit! Beautiful mountains, great scenery, awesome beaches and delicious food!

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Calgary, Canada

Great area for viewing ocean vistas and engaging in outdoor activities. Excellent food spots as well.