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    0.73 miLandmine Museum

    Landmine Museum

    Ranked #11 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    0.73 mi from Banteay Srey
    9.38 reviews
    Sights and Museums, History Museum
    Popular withHistoryAdventure

    The Cambodian Landmine Museum Relief Facility (CLMMRF) is more than a museum. It is also a home that provides education and support for dozens of at-risk youth and landmine affected ...

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    1.16 miBanteay Srei

    Banteay Srei

    Ranked #6 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    1.16 mi from Banteay Srey
    8.919 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Religious Center, Temple
    Popular withHistoryBackpackersArtsy

    The most ornate / detailed of the Angkor sights. The highlight here is the detail of the carvings and the bas reliefs. Take your time to look at the reliefs. ...

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    14.34 miAngkor Wat

    Angkor Wat

    Ranked #1 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    14.34 mi from Banteay Srey
    9.5202 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Temple
    Popular withHistoryAdventureBackpackers

    The temples of Angkor Wat are a must see for world travelers looking to explore historical sites in exotic locations.

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    12.4 miTa Prohm Temple

    Ta Prohm Temple

    Ranked #1 overall in Angkor Archaeological Park things to do
    12.4 mi from Banteay Srey
    9.466 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Historic Site, Monument, Temple
    Popular withHistoryAdventureOutdoorsy

    This set of ruins has one of the most stunning examples of nature reclaiming her land!

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    12.97 miBayon Temple

    Bayon Temple

    Ranked #2 overall in Angkor Archaeological Park things to do
    12.97 mi from Banteay Srey
    9.642 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Temple, Landmark
    Popular withHistoryAdventureArtsy

    Bayon is known for the incredible stone faces. We arrived at first light and there was barely anyone else around. Pretty cool!

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    12.98 miAngkor Thom

    Angkor Thom

    Ranked #3 overall in Angkor Archaeological Park things to do
    12.98 mi from Banteay Srey
    9.437 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Historic Site, Temple, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withHistoryOutdoorsyAdventure

    Angkor Thom was the last capital of the Angkor empire, making it a massively sprawling architectural complex. Do get a map so as not to miss out on the important ...

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    18.42 miPub Street

    Pub Street

    Ranked #2 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    18.42 mi from Banteay Srey
    7.737 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Landmark
    Popular withNightlifeFoodiesBackpackers

    If I had to describe pub street in one word, it would be: Meh. Tons of bars, tons of foreigners, lots of neon, and a few tiny pieces of local ...

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    19.96 miBeng Melea

    Beng Melea

    Ranked #4 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    19.96 mi from Banteay Srey
    9.819 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Monument, Temple
    Popular withHistoryBackpackersAdventure

    Definitely a highlight of the Angkor area. Visitors who make the effort to visit this temple will be well rewarded. The temple is at least as large as Angkor Wat ...

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    18.46 miOld Market (Psar Chas)

    Old Market (Psar Chas)

    Ranked #5 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    18.46 mi from Banteay Srey
    7.826 reviews
    Shopping, Flea Market, Market
    Popular withFamiliesFoodiesArtsy

    The Old Market of Siem Reap is situated between Pub Street and the river in the heart of the town. Whether you are intent on shopping or not, it's an ...

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    18.04 miAngkor Night market

    Angkor Night market

    Ranked #7 overall in Siem Reap things to do
    18.04 mi from Banteay Srey
    7.824 reviews
    Shopping, Outdoors, Market
    Popular withFoodiesNightlifeFamilies

    The night market is the best place to absorb everything Siem Reap has to offer! There are many western food restaurants in Siem Reap that might be tempting, but come ...

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