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Cali is known for its salsa. Both music and dancing are a fundamental part of life here. Its laid-back vibe and modern ways welcome the tourist to their own version of Colombia.

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Famed for being dangerous, you get around Cali just fine if you take precautions. It is a beautiful city full of beautiful people and moderately hot weather.

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Clermont, Florida

What a beautiful adventure in Cali, Colombia with Karla and friends, great experience

Recommended for:Adventure Travelers
London, UK

One of Colombia's more laid back metropolises (metropoli? not sure how Latin to get here) Cali sprawls from the colonial old city in San Antonio, to the busy, gray concrete center to the more upscale Granada. Known for salsa dancing, you will indeed find plenty of opportunities to shake it, along with friendly people and upscale, innovative dining options.

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Even thou a bit of a chaotic city, Cali is one magical spot. Its people, the weather and "rumba". If you ever stop in Cali, don't miss foods like chontaduro and lulada. Most probably you'll find it in every corner, but go to Bertha's corner, wont regreat!

Cotati, California, USA

I liked Cali. The main reason for the fact that I leaned to dance. In this city I found my love of dance. I also loved hearing the history of some of the cartel as well.

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London, United Kingdom

La Capital del Cielo, as she's likes to be called. Salsa powerhouse, exuberant nature, afro influence, plenty of water and all year sunny, she's got all it takes to make it and then some. Unfortunately, these are tough times for the third largest city in Colombia. It's still worth the visit. And I don't say it just because it's my hometown, either.

New York City, New York State, USA

I have traveled all over the World! But when I got to Cali, that is when my traveling to other countries stopped for awhile. I have been to Colombia more than 10 times. The first time I went I struggled with my Spanish, but the people there were so friendly and willing to help. I know what you're thinking, "don't they kidnap people there?", "is it safe?", or "did you go to buy cocaine?". The answer is no to all of the above. Every country has their dangerous parts and of course while traveling you have to play it smart, but this country showed me nothing but love. I met some amazing people there which caused me to keep going back. I understand that the experience won't be the same for everyone, but I was open to it.. I love the culture and I learned to dance very good salsa in Cali. The women there are gorgeous and out number the men 10 to 1, I think.

The bars and clubs in Cali are amazing! Everyone was friendly and I paid $35 for a large bottle of rum for the table. Drinks are cheap there and so is the food. You have to be very careful traveling at night though. If you can always call a taxi service and try not to pick one up from the street. If you have to get one from the street, please use your best judgement and pick someone older than older than 50. Don't travel at night by yourself and especially if you are drinking by yourself, don't leave your drink unattended. They have a new drug there that causes people to take advantage of you and you do what ever they ask of you unknowing.

Brisbane, Australia

It isn't one of Colombia's top tourist destinations. Nevertheless, it is a great place to visit. It is one of the centers of tropical music and is famous for the many fantastic salsa groups that call it home. It is definitely a great party town with a ton of great places to go out. Be warned though you need to be ready to dance a lot. Caleñas are famous for their beauty, and their reputation is well earned. So if you like dancing to tropical rhythms with beautiful and friendly people Cali is a great place to go. I would highly recommend visiting around Christmas time, when the Fería de Cali is going on. From December 26th till January 1st the city celebrates with a many fantastic tropical music concerts being held throughout the city.

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Cali is know for it's Salsa, it's rhythm and it's Afro-Colombian culture. Visit in August and you'll be welcomed by Petronio Álvarez, which is a festival which celebrates Colombian Pacific culture. Get ready to dance into the night and eat your weight in seafood. If you haven't boogied in the middle of a circle of people in Cali, then you haven't partied hard enough.

Frederick, Maryland, USA

If you're used to other cities in nearby Central and South America, Cali may come as a bit of a surprise. Prosperous, clean and modern, Cali has a decidedly first world feel to it. It's spot at low elevations in one of Colombia's Pacific-facing valleys, provides Cali a warm (but not too hot) tropical climate and beautiful surroundings. The women of Cali are reputed to be amongst the most beautiful in Latin America and, from my personal observation, there does seem to be some truth to that. However, what impressed me the most about Cali was the civic pride. While cities in nearby Ecuador have streets paved in garbage and pig slop, Cali has clean, neatly-manicured and carefully landscaped parkways and avenues. The city stirs with lively outdoor cafes, fine restaurants and it seems there is always something new to do. Also, Cali has a smaller, safer feel to it than Medellin, and with less of a Cartel reputation. And next to Bogota, well, Cali's a bite-sized tropical retreat in comparison. It's a pleasant place to spend some time and can reshape any misconceptions one might have on the Colombia as a whole.