Things to do near Pounamu Lodge

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    0.97 miLake Tarawera Water Taxi and Eco Tours

    Lake Tarawera Water Taxi and Eco Tours

    Ranked #29 overall in Rotorua things to do
    0.97 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    10.01 review
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Guided Tour
    Popular withOutdoorsyFoodies

    Run by the same husband and wife team who operate and live in Pounamu Lodge, this company offers a variety of interesting tours to various parts of the lake.

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    2.95 miLake Okareka Reserve and Walkway

    Lake Okareka Reserve and Walkway

    Ranked #5 overall in Rotorua things to do
    2.95 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    9.88 reviews
    Shopping, Outdoors, Hiking and Nature
    Popular withOutdoorsyGreenHistory

    Can't get any better than this for a free walk through thermal activity in the heart of the city. Tips........Keep to the walk ways, do not jump over the fence ...

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    3.3 miLake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)

    Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)

    Ranked #24 overall in Rotorua things to do
    3.3 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    10.02 reviews
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesBackpackers

    If you want to get away from the over the top thrill-seeking adventures you can find in "Rotovegas," head out to Lake Tikitapu for a nice relaxing stroll around this ...

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    4.13 miWhakarewarewa Redwood Forest

    Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest

    Ranked #16 overall in Rotorua things to do
    4.13 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    9.33 reviews
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesBackpackers

    Who would have thought that there would be a redwood forest in the middle of New Zealand? Although it's not an old growth forest like you'd find in northern California, ...

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    2.22 miLake Tarawera

    Lake Tarawera

    Ranked #26 overall in Rotorua things to do
    2.22 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    8.01 review
    Popular withOutdoorsyAdventureFamilies

    This is a lovely place - there is an easy track that stretches a few hundred metres out to the waterfall that is suitable for any fitness levels. There is ...

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    2.54 miHorse Trekking Lake Okareka

    Horse Trekking Lake Okareka

    Ranked #40 overall in Rotorua things to do
    2.54 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    8.01 review
    Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Scenic Lookout, Trekking
    Popular withAdventureOutdoorsy

    there are various treks available but the most valued for money (and for beginners) would be the 1.5 hour scenic trek. the horses provided are very well trained so there ...

  • 7
    7.99 miTe Puia

    Te Puia

    Ranked #1 overall in Rotorua things to do
    7.99 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    8.815 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Tours, Classes and Rentals
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesAdventure

    Home to the famous Pohutu geyser and geothermal activity, this site is a Maori arts and culture centre as well as a natural wonder. The strong sulphur smell may take ...

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    10.9 miWai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

    Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

    Ranked #2 overall in Rotorua things to do
    10.9 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    8.812 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Park
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesBackpackers

    Bizarre but amazing active geothermal area. The Champagne Pool is breathtaking, the geyser is cool, and the whole thing is just very different and awesome.

  • 9
    13.61 miZorb Rotorua

    Zorb Rotorua

    Ranked #3 overall in Rotorua things to do
    13.61 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    9.111 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Sports, Attractions
    Popular withAdventureFamiliesOutdoorsy

    You must try this if you are in the area. I did it with one friend and water inside a ball. It happens so fast and I couldn't really see ...

  • 10
    11.2 miLake Rotorua

    Lake Rotorua

    Ranked #4 overall in Rotorua things to do
    11.2 mi from Pounamu Lodge
    8.711 reviews
    Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Lake
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsyWellness

    Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake on the North Island, but it is actually quite shallow. Unfortunately, it really smells due to the high sulfur content so not that ...

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