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Europe's been done. Even Eastern Europe has been traveled, backpacked, traversed and explored. You want to go to a country where you can still find places where sheep and horse-drawn buggies outnumber cars or where farmers still haul their bounties on the backs. Welcome to Romania, the most recent addition to the EU. Notorious in past decades for ... Read more
corruption and brutal economic and social policies, Romania is, in many ways, still stuck in a time warp. These days, the country is finding its footing, and intrepid visitors will find plenty of surprises. Romania is the 12th largest producer of wine in the world, and you can taste at several wineries (including working monasteries). While former President Nicolae Ceauşescu rivaled Count Dracula in vileness, the Count has become somewhat of Romania's claim to fame. If this is what it takes to bring visitors to drop-dead gorgeous Transylvania, then so be it. The views of the surrounding countryside from Bran Castle, Vlad the Impaler's supposed residence, are breathtaking, and the timbered castle is well worth the bribes you might have had to pay to get there.

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Romania’s climate varies drastically from sea level to the high altitudes of the interior, where temperatures regularly reach extremes of over 100F (38C) and below 10F (-12C), respectively. Hiking and biking in ... Read more
the mountains (and searching for Count Dracula in Transylvania) is mainly limited to after May and before October when the roads are open and the snow has melted, although there is a popular skiing season from December to March. Bucharest is best in the spring and fall when the weather is pleasant and the crowds aren’t filling the streets. No matter when you visit, it’s best to pack layers to prepare for weather patterns that change at a moment’s notice. Scarves as an anti-vampire precaution are optional, these days.

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Romania is very safe and usually "there is nothing to fear." Bucharest is a huge metropolitan city and can be a bit dangerous [like all big cities] at night and in certain neighbourhoods. "Men may try to hit on you; politely refuse and you will be ... Read more
left alone."

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its Solo Female Traveller Tribe to compile woman-to-woman safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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Stuttgart, Germany

realy intresting Country, beatuful Citys very friendly People always very helpfull, grear mountains to hike, The only not so nice in Siebenbürgen only often the prices they want higher was as written in the menu

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Birmingham, United Kingdom

For me the Romania was like different world. I have never been in country, which is presented like one of the poorest and dirtiest in the world in all tourguides or on web pages. My first feeling was that I am scared, a lot. But also I had a different one – the curiosity! Someone told me once, that I can not make my own opinion on things through another people opinions (for this case - the articels, which I read and the stories, which I heard). This person told me: „You have to see the things, how they really are. You have to feel, you have to see, you just need to be there and make own story about that place.“
Therefore, I decided to go there, no mater on consequences. I went there through the student´s organization and I should work on some project with other guys. When I came, was city like another else. Exactly, I was in Timisoara – Temešvár. My first night was terrifying, but this nights are always the same – you are with new people, do not know them, you are thinking about everything, what can happen to you. But will feel, listen and make your own way on this different place of the Earth. You will start to love the nature – there are so many beautiful parks and areas near the river. For example my favourite one was Roses Garden. When you like running, so there is a lot of space for this exciting sport. You can go everywhere you want and I found a lot of lonely, but strange places for me through this sport.
If you like memories and countryside this country is exactly for you, too. Because it is not very famous, you can find there a lot of places, which are almost the same like in the past and for a normall prices. Yes, this is very greatfull on Romania – the prices:D And prices for beer! I was the wine girl before, so I was suprised, when I found out that when you want to drink 2 or 3dcl of wine, you can not. You have to order the whole bottle and if you are only person, who like wine, so,it was a problem. But most of the people there drink beer, because it is the cheapest alcohol. And for more – I like very much their style – in more of bars and pubs you can order only beer in bottle and nobody drinks it from glass. I think that this is amazing, because in our country it is not so usual. But, let say the truth – beer can be good, but when the company is not good, the whole evenings sucks. So, here are some advices for every travelling you will ever do:
The first – be sure, that you really want to go to this country or that it is the right decision for you and you like challenges..
The second – you have to be affraid. It is the normal reaction, when you go on new place.
The third- RELAX!!! after your arrival, it will be ok. But still be very carefull – the people from other countries are different and you have to used to on them.
The fourth and the last one – enjoy your stay. No situation in your life is the same, no moment and also not you. So, have fun as much as you can, but please do not make a lot of mess! Because then you will have to clean it:D

Limbiate, Italy

Romania is located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe, on the lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea. Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast and east, and Bulgaria to the south.
At 238,400 square kilometers (92,000 sq mi), Romania is the ninth largest country of the European Union by area, and has the seventh largest population of the European Union with over 19 million people. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest, the tenth largest city in the EU, with a population of around 2 million.
The United Principalities emerged when the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia were united under Prince Alexander Ioan Cuza in 1859. In 1881, Carol I of Romania was crowned, forming the Kingdom of Romania. Independence from the Ottoman Empire was declared on 9 May 1877, and was internationally recognized the following year. At the end of World War I, Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia united with the Kingdom of Romania. Greater Romania emerged into an era of progression and prosperity that would continue until World War II. By the end of the War, many north-eastern areas of Romania's territories were occupied by the Soviet Union, and Romania forcibly became a socialist republic and a member of the Warsaw Pact.
With the fall of the Iron Curtain and the 1989 Revolution, Romania began its transition towards democracy and a capitalist market economy. After a decade of post-revolution economic problems, extensive reforms fostered economic recovery making Romania now an upper middle-income country with high human development.
Romania joined NATO on 29 March 2004, the European Union on 1 January 2007 and is also a member of the Latin Union, of the Francophonie, the OSCE, the WTO, the BSEC and the United Nations. Today, Romania is a unitary semi-presidential republic, in which the executive branch consists of the President and the Government.

Constanta, Romania

Nice place :):P


My country

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

My Country

Hallein, Austria
First to Review

Die Rumänien Reise mit Bastian Brunner (Allerheiligen-Allerseelen 2011) war eine der gelungensten und spannensten Reisen die ich je gemacht habe. Mit Zelt und Schlafsack bewaffnet bei teilweise minus Grade, ein ziemliches Abenteuer. Abseits campen, in der früh ein Feuer machen. Kennen wir eh alles schon. Was neu war, war einfach der Ort an dem wir uns befanden. Transilvanien ist ein verzauberter Ort, sei es im Hinterland von Bran oder auch viel östlicher im Hügelland des Rumänischen Salzburgs. Alleine schon wegen der Transfargarschen Hochstraße würde ich fort nochmal hinfahren.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brasov/Constanta/Sinaiea /Predeal/



Belgrade, Serbia