Affectionately known as the "Marvelous city" among locals, Rio de Janeiro is indeed a spectacular site to behold. Founded in 1565, Rio has grown to become one of the most famous cities in Brazil, and was in fact the capital of this far reaching country up until 1960. There are a number of iconic features associated with Rio, of which the Christ The ... Read more
Redeemer statue perched overlooking the city might be the most striking. Another popular Rio feature, is the annual Carnival celebration. One of the biggest and most eccentric parties the world over, Carnival is just before Lent, and is tolerated by the within the Roman Catholic Church as a get-it-all-out-of-your-system now party. The natural landscape around Rio is spectacular, with the numerous peaks surrounding their unique harbor helping it land a spot on the list of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. There are dozens of historic and modern attractions throughout the city, although it's still advisable to steer clear of the favelas, or slums. Still, if you are looking for fun and excitement, this city is one of the best such options in all of South America.

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  • Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor)
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  • Ipanema Beach
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  • Copacabana Beach
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  • Sugar Loaf Cable Car
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There’s no bad time to visit Rio, but there are certainly times that are better than others. If hitting the beach with the masses in barely-there swimwear is your top priority, summer (December - March) is your ... Read more
best bet. It gets hot, and not just figuratively, with temperatures regularly topping 95F (35C). If you are visiting for the famed Carnival celebrations in February, pack clothes you can sweat in (and book months in advance). Spring is when nature really steps up its game, and with the flowers in bloom and the weather in a more comfortable range, it’s a great time to check out the city’s parks and gardens. From April to September, Rio has comfortable weather and less rain, making this a perfect time to find better deals and fewer crowds.

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San Jose, California, USA

Rio, you photogenic city, you. It's really no surprise songs have been written about this city (yes, you'll probably hear "Girl from Ipanema" frequently). People will tell you to be careful in Rio, but it often makes you feel so relaxed (depending on the neighborhood) that you sometimes forget the warnings. This is how much people like Rio: I met a wedding party from Germany here, and although this was the wedding destination, neither the bride nor groom...nor anybody else from the party was from Brazil.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Pro 2018
Huntington Beach, California, USA

Rio is an amazing city. One with an eclectic variety of activities to engage in as well as some of the greatest outdoor views you'll ever see. The main reason I don't give it five stars is the large divide between the rich and the poor. Hard to enjoy Ipanema Beach while you sit in the shadows of the favelas. I hope the city and country find a way to get it together.

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Florianópolis, Brasil

In my opinion this is the most beautiful metropole in the world, home of rich Brazilian traditions. If you have never been in Rio make sure you visit this unique spot. It will change the way you see life.


Rio de Janeiro Rio is a beautiful very large city of millions. Located on the longest, whitest and widest beaches you can think of. I think you know the names of all the songs about these beaches, such as: Ipanema & Copacabana. Visiting the huge image of Jesus that overlooks the town, with a park full of beautiful big huge butterflies is what I recommend, it’s if you’re in the Jungle. But Rio also has a dark side just think of the many favela’s. So there is a lot of poverty and you should as a tourist look well on your stuff and watch your wallet. In the evening you are best going out with a group led by a guide. A visit to one of the Samba schools, the Plataforma show is a must.

Recommended for:Family TravelersGreen TravelersNightlife Lovers
Pro 2018
Miravet, Spain

Rio has to be the most outstandingly beautiful major city in the world. Every time I come here, it doesn't matter which way I'm looking, it's just... WOW! But beauty comes at a cost, as many others have observed, even seemingly upscale parts of the city can be risky - especially if you don't look like a local. Don't let that put you off exploring this stunning gem of a place. The weather's pretty good all year round, too.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Fun people and activities. Mountains, beaches, and amazing food. Always a good time

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravelersGreen TravelersAdventure Travelers
Angra Dos Reis

Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city in the world! The perfect mix between city and environment, also a great place to go out

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Singapore, Singapore

its carnival time!!!!! I fulfilled a lifetimes dream and flew over the carnival. Yes it was busy and yes the hotels had tripled their prices, but cares, you have to this once in your lifetime. Simply amazing...

Pro 2018
Pittsford (town), New York

Rio, Rio de Janeiro - just saying the name conjures up a host of images and music. Yes, you have to be careful as in any big city but this place is alive with life, go with it.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsLuxury Travelers
Melbourne, Florida

Rio de Janeiro and Prague are my two favorite cities in the world. Last year I visited Rio, and I must say, Rio has everything, architecture, history, sumptuous cuisine, beautiful people, and beaches. What is there not to like about Rio? One thing, and it's a very important one thing, safety. Some parts of Rio (some favellas) are no go areas for not only tourists, but the police, who in some cases are too afraid themselves to go into these areas. A word of caution, be very aware of your surroundings at all times. Don't do like I did, getting lost and ending up in the middle of a very dangerous favella. Not very smart, but I learned a lesson, and that is, if you think you're going in the wrong direction, STOP immediately, and retrace your steps!

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