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Iguazu, Argentina, is a national park surrounding one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls, which supposedly inspired Eleanor Roosevelt to exclaim upon seeing them, “Poor Niagara!” The Sheraton Hotel is your only option within walking distance of the falls inside the national park, as well hosting as the least touristy restaurant. The main ... Read more
reason to visit, is, after all, to marvel at the falls, which you can do from five different trails, including the Garganta del Diablo which inches the closest to the roar and spray of the falls, and the Sendero Macuco, which is unpaved but not difficult and offers the most possibility of encountering wildlife.

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  • The Van Burger
    9.47 reviews
    Burgers, Argentine
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • La Rueda 1975
    9.39 reviews
    French, Barbecue, Argentine, South American
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Parrilla Don Mario
    9.76 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • J Alta Cocina
    9.36 reviews
    Argentine, Steak House
    Popular withFoodiesLuxury
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San Jose, California, USA

The Cataratas do Iguazú gets 6 stars (but I can only give 5)! They are countless and marvelous, powerful and awe-inspiring. You'll get so close to some of the waterfalls that you'll get drenched (and you'll love it)! You can even ride a raft under the falls if you're more adventurous. The sleepy town of Puerto Iguazú itself is a mix of humble dwellings and hotels that are a varied economical, luxury, eco-friendly, and a mix of all three. At the edge of town, you'll find Tres Fronteras (Three Borders), where the waters of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet. Oh, and in this sleepy little town, you'll also find the most delicious little shop for empanadas and cochillo: La Misionera.

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The falls of Iguazu are falls of the Iguazu River on the border of Argentine and Brazil. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. Approximately half of the river flows falls into a long and narrow chasm called “Garganta del Diablo” - The Devils Throat.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersAdventure Travelers
Brisbane, Australia

Puerto Iguazu is the town on the Argentinian side of the Cataratas de Iguazu. I highly recommend staying here, as the Argentinian side of the falls is much more interesting than the Brazilian side, which is best for panoramic pictures

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsGreen TravelersBackpackers

Yes it actually is Niagara Falls on steroids. Wear comfy shoes and spend the entire day. Amazingly beautiful and spectacular.

San Francisco, California, USA

A dazzling site, the Iguazu Falls are not to be missed. These waterfalls straddle the border between Argentina and Brazil, so you can view it from both sides. I've only seen the Argentine side, but I've heard a better overall view can be had on the Brazilian side. Either way, I'd definitely recommend taking a kayaking ride in the Falls. Many tour agencies offer this. As you drive toward the bumbling water falls, you'll feel the mist on your skin and be mesmerized by the grandiosity of Iguazu.

Make sure to bring a change of clothes! You will definitely get drenched.

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Verona, Italy

Much better than the Brazilian Foz de Iguaçu where you can meet lots of strange and unfriendly faces. In Puerto Iguazu you'll find a place where the 3 States (Brazil,Argentina and Paraguay) are meeting. Nice view.

Cotati, California, USA

A sleepy small town. It is mostly the spot to stay if you want to visit Cataratas/Iguazu falls. I like the small town feel of the place and it is crawling with hostels for those backpackers who want to visit Iguazu.

Who would I recommend this to? Backpackers who want to get the local feel of things.

Kiryat Gat, Israel

this is amazing place 2 be 1 of the best the Waterfalls r amazing and the hotel neer the Iguazu r geat beautiful place 2 be i like it very much :>:))))))))

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

It's a place so impressive that you feel the feeling that if you are in paradise, it's very nice places there are tours through the jungle what impressed me most was to go to the Garganta del Diablo is an incredible feeling!

Great Neck

This was one of the most beautiful and magical places we have ever visited. Each turn on our hike through the park was breathtakingly beautiful. It is hard to believe there are so many beautiful waterfalls in one park. there are over 250! We stayed in the Sheraton in the park, which must be booked far in advance, but it makes life easier. Although it is out of the way, it is well worth the trip!