Desert landscapes, Native American influences, Southwestern cuisine, over 300 days of sun a year, and one of the largest universities in the country (Arizona State University, in nearby Tempe) create a fascinating juxtaposition of Southwestern cultures and activities. Which is part of why the city is so hot right now. And we don't mean just ... Read more
physically hot (although 104F is the *average* daily temperature in July). To see why you should think of Phoenix as more than a sprawling mega-city (the fifth largest in the nation), try starting your day on horseback, moseying up Camelback Mountain. Or take a daybreak hot-air balloon ride, gliding over the Sonoran Desert. Visit a 1500-year-old Native American village (the Pueblo Grande Museum) in the afternoon and end your day either dining on fusion cuisine based on Pima Indian traditions (think buffalo in saguaro blossom syrup and roasted maize cheesecake) or two-stepping in Scottsdale. The next day, catch one of Phoenix's many professional sports teams or relax with a nopales cactus wrap (much more comfortable than it sounds) or a round of golf at one of dozens of spas and resorts surrounding the city, and you will have forgotten all about the traffic.

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  • Arizona Diamondbacks
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  • Downtown Phoenix Inc.
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  • Chase Field
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  • The Phoenix Zoo
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While much of the country starts to get cozy indoors in preparation for the cold winter, the residents of the Phoenix area head outside. Temperatures in the summer can be sweltering, with averages in the triple ... Read more
digits, but the winters cool off and provide perfect weather for picnics and hiking under clear blue skies. Keep in mind that many a snowbird stumbles south during this time, so you will need to book hotels early. Temperatures quickly rise in the spring, but this can be a good time to snag a good resort deal.

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So much to see and do from the Desert Botanical Garden to the Heard Museum and, for the more strenuous, a hike/scramble up Camelback Mountain.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure Travelers

Love the dry heat. You can either spend the day by the pool or hike the local mountains. Lots of tourist things to do as well.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers

Phoenix has several suburbs and can take a good hour or better in the worst traffic to get from the airport to the farthest edges like Surprise, Peoria or Sun City. Scottsdale & Mesa are a bit closer. Great Restaurants & shopping. And scenic views. Drive North an hour to Sedona for great boutique shopping & cultural flavor. Fantastic views from patio bars & hotel rooms at reasonable prices off season. Bring your walking shoes. It is handicapped accessible most everywhere, but lots of inclines & ramped access. A few restaurants were not ideal for scooters or wheelchairs, but could accommodate with effort. There are also many scenic lookout stops for photos on the drive to & from Sedona. Don’t miss them! The Grand Canyon is just a short drive away too or book a helicopter tour over or train ride down into the canyon!

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Local from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Local from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I nabbed an internship in Phoenix last summer, and lived here for 12 weeks. The problem with Phoenix (from an East-Coaster's perspective), is that there is a downtown, but there's no vibrancy. If you're looking for some nightlife in this area, head to Scottsdale. Don't even think about using the public transportation system here. Yes, the light rail is nicer than most modes of public transportation in cities around the U.S., but since it doesn't really stop at any major attractions, it's not ideal for those who want to really explore the city. You must have a car.

Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

Not the most interesting or sophisticated city but the weather is nice and it's an easy spot to enjoy a little time poolside. A good entry point for exploring Sedona or the Grand Canyon. Scottsdale is better if you want somewhere a little more upmarket.

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Edmonton, Canada

• Matt’s Big Breakfast – Corner of Garfield and First Street (downtown), Phoenix,

Recommended for:Foodies
Local from Sun City, Arizona

Tempe Lake downtown. Great restaurants, walking, bike riding area, right next to light rail. You can rent small boats and go out on the lake. Very relaxing, and theres a fully stocked Mall just a mile away.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Finally got to visit this city of Phoenix, when all the other times we both would only be in the city because of the airport. Our friend took us to Phoenix to grab brunch before our trip back and pretty much drove us around Downtown Phoenix. It pretty much reminds me of Downtown Los Angeles. A few ghetto places and a few nice places. I thought there wouldn't be homeless people, but I guess I was wrong. There's always going to be at least 1% of them here and there.

There's a few one way streets, so be careful when you're driving. ALSO be careful with drivers, some may look like tourist and will not look at traffic while busy looking at something else.

Looked pretty cool. Try coming here at night time, the lit up loop will most likely amaze you like it would with me even when it wasn't even lit in colors :D I just can't wait to check it out the next time I visit!

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