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Previously home to noblemen, tsars and Bolsheviks, Moscow's history is evident in its grand scale. Visitors can expect to see the magnificently spired Russian Orthodox St. Basil Cathedral, the imposing government Kremlin and some of the finest royal palaces in Europe. In front of the Kremlin is Moscow's heart, the imposing Red Square. Walk in any ... Read more
direction to see the Soviet influence of bleak Stalinist architecture. Entertainment and attractions are diverse, and include zoos, water parks, operas, theatrical performances, two circuses, art museums and even the unique banya, public baths and saunas. Sports fans will love Moscow’s sporting attractions, including the Olympic Stadium and its surroundings. The city's easiest to access tourist attraction is also its most efficient; many of its famed Metro stations are architectural masterpieces and link the city in a smoothly running hub. Dining choices have expanded recently, and plentiful restaurants serve local and international cuisine. New hotels and hostels welcome visitors with more tourist amenities these days. Winters are cold -- seriously cold -- so bundle up. Like any major city, Moscow offers a vibrant nightlife; Tverskaya Street is especially crowded during the evening hours.

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  • Red Square and Kremlin
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  • St. Basil's Cathedral
    9.486 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Church
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  • Gorky Park
    9.053 reviews
    Outdoors, Park
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  • Bolshoi Theatre
    9.546 reviews
    Performing Arts, Theater, Opera House
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“Dismal” and “frigid” are two adjectives often used to describe the brutal winter in Moscow. A trip here between November and March is not for the faint of heart or for those who like sunlight. Spring and fall ... Read more
are good shoulder seasons, when the temperatures can creep up into the 50s and 60s (10-18C) and the prices haven’t yet hit peak-season highs. But if you can afford it (and you will pay dearly for it), Moscow and its residents really come alive in the summer, with temperatures in the 70s (21-24) and plenty of sunshine to go around.

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Top Moscow restaurants

  • Cafe Pushkin
    9.426 reviews
    Popular withLuxuryFoodies
  • Tavern Taras Bulba
    8.58 reviews
    Breakfast & Brunch, Ukrainian
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  • Pelmeniki
    10.01 review
    Healthy, Russian
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  • Shater
    9.54 reviews
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Incredible city. A lot of parks green. Compared with Middle East deserts region.

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A beautiful city, loved it. I've been to Moscow 3 times, each time I fell in love. A lot to see, a lot to do, a lot to eat... must see before you die!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBusiness TravelersFamily TravelersNightlife Lovers

Beautiful city, full of history and beautiful people! The food is delicious!!

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodiesLuxury TravelersHistory Buffs
Local from Moscow

For quite a while I was in two minds about my attitude to the city. I saw its pluses and minuses, and generally considered the ratio to be 45/55, or 40/60. (Please, remember that I'm viewing it from within (Russia) rather than from without). Now I've changed my mind: I love it and I feel responsible for it. The better and the worst parts of my days passed here. The atmospere and the overall feel of the city has been changing for the better (more hospitable, humane and attractive) of late. Come feel the unique blend of predominant Asia and deep-rooted Europe, come see how the present generation of Russians is tackling the problems it inherited from its ill-fated predecessors.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A beautiful and understated city, Moscow has over 1000 restaurants to choose from, a sprawling city of things to do and is often misunderstood for its coldness and how expensive it is to travel here. There are many options from museums to parks, from theatres to metro stations and from pizza to caviar.

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Brisbane, Australia

Moscow is an amazing city. Lots of very interesting architecture showing a unique blend of Byzantine, Western European, and Asian influences. Plenty of interesting iconic buildings like the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral, and the opportunity to see some very unique Soviet era sites.

Recommended for:History BuffsArt & Design Lovers
Paranaque, Philippines

This arch looks a little like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and it is located near the Victory Park Metro Station in Moscow.

This Grand Triumphal Arch is decorated with the coats of arms from the 48 Russian provinces. To celebrate the victory over France in the war of 1812, it also includes bas-reliefs of the "Expulsion of the French." The arch was originally built in 1834, but has only been on this site since 1968.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

Moscow was beautiful in the winter when I visited, and despite the cold, I think it's a great season to go in to get a true Russian Winter experience. The Kremlin is like something out of Candyland, and definitely looks other worldly when snow is falling around it. Still, it's an expensive city, and don't expect a lot of smiling.

Berlin, Germany

Even though I went in December, I enjoyed walking around Moscow and seeing how rich this city is in culture, food, architecture and above all history. Moscow is a city still in transition, and still relatively closed off -- despite being the capital of Russia and a sprawling metropolis, it gets about 1.5 million visitors per year (San Francisco, by contrast, gets around 16 million visitors per year, according to the city's travel association). It's also home to a growing arts scene, where artists are taking over former factories and displaying some of the most creative and innovative art in the world.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFoodiesHistory Buffs
London, UK

The mix of Soviet, European and new industrial architecture along with Communist decoration splashed with Capitalist adverts is immediately fascinating and, ultimately, addictive. I felt so proud when I started to pick up a little Cyrillic and loved the passionate arts culture and slightly off-the-wall feeling.

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