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The capital of Communist Cuba, Havana is at once exotic and dreary, lively and serious, pierced by the sounds of salsa music and backfiring Soviet-era Lada cars, and dotted with colonial mansions as stunning as they are dilapidated. Just try to find a city that inspires as many equal parts passion and confusion as does Havana. You don't need ... Read more
anything but your own two feet to experience the best of Old Habana, where the entire old city is being renovated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, or El Malecón, the sea wall boardwalk where all ages go to walk, drink and be seen. Music is omnipresent in Havana, and you'll hear it wafting from rooftops, clubs, bars like La Bodeguita Del Medio, private homes and street corners. Cuban food, when it's available, is legendary, and nowhere better to try this than the paladares like Cafe Laurent, private family-run restaurants which serve whatever they happen to have that day. Hotels might not have the amenities of other countries, but who needs consistent wi-fi when you're sleeping in living history?

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  • El Malecón
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  • Old Havana
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  • Havana Cathedral
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  • Parque Central
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Havana is everything you expect and more. It can be tricky to break through the crumbling exterior but the city is full of life, art, and music.

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory BuffsNightlife LoversArt & Design Lovers
New Orleans

From the moment I landed, I was surrounded buy vehicles and buildings and smiles that seemed they have been waiting for me since the 1950s. Everyone in Cuba that I came across was so welcoming and enlightening. The history, culture and religious expression are like nothing else. Old Havana is such a gym and I inspire you to take a trip. They're waiting for you with a smile!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers

One of my favorite destinations yet! Perfect combination of history, nightlife, and local interaction!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Pro 2018
Foster City, California, USA

Most intersting city in the Americas, for its rich history and culture. Now that trade embargo is lifted, I am afraid there'll be just too many American tourists flooding in.

Recommended for:History BuffsAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Mexico City, Mexico

Warm people, rude people, sometimes too much. City still stop in time fighting for a brand new identity

Recommended for:BackpackersAdventure TravelersNightlife Lovers

Great people easy to get around lots to see and do this is the perfect moment

Recommended for:FoodiesBackpackersAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Pro 2018
London, UK

Havana is an incredibly lively city, music is played everywhere, locals are forever friendly and the "cuba libres" & mojitos are the best in the world!

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersTrendsters
New Delhi, India

mixture of history, culture and arts. still somewhat stuck in the 60s, things are changing fast. popular restaurants and bars have tourists outnumbering locals. you'll struggle to find somewhere authentic which is a shame.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Princeton, New Jersey

Havana is such a great city with so much to learn and such beautiful culture, music, and food. The people there are so kind and friendly. I absolutely love this place!

Recommended for:FoodiesStudentsAdventure TravelersNightlife Lovers
Madrid, Spain

Havana is the heart and soul of Cuba. Vintage cars ply the road as if you have stepped into a movie set in the 1920s or 30s; crumpling old Colonial buildings stand erect like proud socialist spirit of the Cubans of older generations. Old Havana is where the city shows its sensual beauty, while the Malecon is the heartbeat as it throbs with the rhythm of Latin salsa and Caribbean beat.

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory BuffsAdventure Travelers