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With a population of 35 million, the Tokyo Metropolitan Area is the largest in the world. Encompassing no fewer than 23 separately administered wards, it’s a complicated and diverse area, a testament to its long history and the changes the years have wrought. The go-go-go city is mostly dedicated to an extremely fast-paced urban life, contrasting ... Read more
deeply with the presence of traditional temples and bathhouses. Dine on sushi for breakfast at the gigantic Tsukijji Fish Market or check out the manga (Japanese animation) in Akihabara or Electric Town. Go over-the-top ostentatious, frequenting trendy Ginza or clubs in Shibuya and sleeping at the Park Hyatt (featured in Lost in Translation), or stay on the tightest budget by eating at convenience stores and practicing nojuku -- sleeping in a tent or on a bench.

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  • Tokyo Tower
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  • Sensō-ji Temple
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  • Harajuku
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  • Shibuya Crossing
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The Japanese take great joy in the country’s four distinct seasons, and celebrate each with unique cuisine and traditions. With that said, there are some that are better than others for tourism purposes. Tokyo ... Read more
gets hot, humid, rainy and crowded during the summer. Winter can be chilly, and while not unbearable, you won’t be able to wander around the city’s beautiful parks. Spring sees a lot of local tourism, with crowds pouring into the city to see the cherry blossoms in March and April and during Golden Week in April/May. Fall is truly an ideal season to visit. The weather is comfortable, the skies are blue, and the foliage turns to striking shades of red and gold.

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Tokyo is a massive city that could take months to explore. There are numerous adventures in all corners of this city. Although relatively young in age, there is still some history and sites to explore here, excellent museums, top-notch restaurants, interesting architecture, and world-class entertainment. Seemingly always on the world's most expensive city list, Tokyo has some bargains if you look closely. There is lots of delicious budget eats.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFoodiesNightlife Lovers
Samarinda, Indonesia

Covers the entire Kanto Region, Greater Tokyo is said as one of the largest metropolitan areas and the most populous one in the world. A city which is famous for its uniqueness, where the modernization meets the strong traditions harmoniously. I love everything about this metropolis, but its hectic life.

Recommended for:Business TravelersFoodiesHistory Buffs
Atyrau, Kazakhstan

I went here on a solo backpacking trip in 2012. My time in Tokyo was centered around an annular eclipse and a sumo wrestling championship.

London, UK

Can't love the city more! There are a lot of places to go from high rise buildings, towers, high tech city (Akihabara), Old downtown (Asakusa), night scene (Roppongi), shopping district (too many) and cozy town (Nakameguro).

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers
Foster City, California, USA

Greater Tokyo is the biggest Metropolis in the world, home to 35 million people. I realize how enormous it is when I see it from the top of Sky Tree Tower. Its very clean, organized and everything just seems to work on time, just like clock work. Its a great place to visit and to experience the Japanese culture and food.

Recommended for:Business TravelersLuxury TravelersAdventure Travelers
Santa Clara, California, USA

I love visiting Tokyo!!! Most amazing modern Asian city in the world, full of beauty, technology, and culture! Skyscrapers abound, mixed in with traditional buildings. Every alleyway is an adventure in culture and dining. Super clean city.

Recommended for:Business TravelersFamily TravelersFoodiesNightlife Lovers
Santa Clara, California, USA

There is nowhere else like greater Tokyo. It is quite impressive and adventurous. There are numerous distinct cities and neighborhoods within greater Tokyo to explore. Train, subway and foot are the best ways to get around.

Recommended for:Business TravelersFamily TravelersFoodiesLuxury Travelers
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

It's not even about the sushi or sake. Tokyo is a city that is quite incredible. Unforgettable architecture, mesmerizing lighting, distinct districts and parks, and unbelievable food. You can do many things by foot, but half the adventure is riding the transit system. A must visit destination indeed.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFoodiesBusiness TravelersAdventure Travelers
Calgary, Canada

Tokyo has so much diversity, it seems impossible to imagine how anyone could not have a great adventure in this city. The public transportation is excellent and not as difficult to figure out as one might image when first looking at the maps. Not speaking Japanese is not a problem. English speakers can be found through out the city. Nor is it as expensive as feared. Nine days was not enough time.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFoodiesHistory Buffs
Pittsford (town), New York

Tokyo is a large city with nice manners. They will even let you cross the street. The metro system is clean and efficient and not to hard to figure out. Some areas can be crowded with people but it is fun just to see the Japanese interact. Clean bathrooms everywhere and neat shopping areas. We had a good time.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFamily TravelersFoodies