Farm to Table Eats in Seattle

Always on the search for the best bites wherever you go? Seattle has a long and enthusiastic history with fresh, locally produced food and drink. From the iconic Pike Place Market to the most innovative restaurants in town, Seattleites are keen to try the most luscious seasonal fruits and veggies, artisanal meats, expertly roasted coffees and stunning strong drink crafted as close to home as possible. Here's where to find the finest farm-to-table eats on your next visit to Seattle. Come hungry and prepare to be dazzled by the top culinary city in the Pacific Northwest.
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Pike Place Market

85 Pike St #500, Seattle, WA 98101

Just about every neighborhood in Seattle has a farmers' market, but none are as extensive or impressive as Pike Place. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle in a vibrant commercial and residential district, Pike Place overlooks beautiful Puget Sound with a clear view of the Olympic Mountains and many of the region's peaceful, wooded islands. The market spans three floors with dozens of shops, restaurants and vendors, but the main attraction is the street-level meat and produce arcade. Tall piles of Seattle's freshest seafood is on display, along with fruits and veggies grown just miles away. Grab a sample or two (or twenty).

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Mick's peppourri

1531 Pike Pl, Seattle, Washington

Mick's Peppourri is a jelly-lover's dream come true. Their family-owned stand at Pike Place Market always has a huge selection of jellies made from things like hot peppers and wine grapes. The Death Valley jelly is a real challenge, even for iron-tongued heat freaks, but the wine jellies are really out of this world and the reason to check out Mick's. It's not exactly PB&J material, but it'll change the way you look and brie and crackers, that's for sure.

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Chukar Cherries

1529 Pike Pl # B, Seattle, WA

Another long-standing vendor at Pike Place, and with good reason. The cherry is one of Washington State's proudest agriculture products, especially sweet Bing and firm Rainier varieties. You'll definitely find plenty of fresh cherries at one of the market stands, especially in the summer, but Chukar is the place to go for great cherry flavors in the off-season. They make preserves, pie fillings, candies and a lot of other really delicious stuff from the Montgomery family orchard in the nearby Yakima Valley.

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Theo Chocolate

3400 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

The beautiful thing about the Theo Chocolate Company is the way it presents some of the highest quality bars and bonbons without ever seeming unapproachable or pretentious. While most chocolatiers buy ready-made bars to make their candy, Theo buys raw cocoa beans from fair trade farms around the world, then roasts them in-house. Their dark chocolate bars are delicious, but everyone should try some of Theo's single-origin bars to taste the difference between cocoa from various regions around the world. Definitely take the factory tour if you have the chance.

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Rain Shadow Meats

1531 Melrose Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States

Find a good butcher shop and you'll never go back to supermarket meat again. Rain Shadow Meats at the hip Melrose Market in Seattle's urban core has some of the highest quality organic cuts in Seattle and it's all guaranteed extra-fresh. Rain Shadow practices “whole animal” butchery, so they have close relationships with local farmers and cut all their meat right in the back of the shop. The results are unparalleled steaks, whole chickens, sausages and even more exotic fare like duck.

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Armandino's Salumi

309 Third Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104

This cured meat shop in Seattle's Pioneer Square district comes care of the Batali family, the very same that gave us star chef Mario Batali. Salumi has, bar none, the best salami, pepperoni and other deli slices in the Pacific Northwest. They spice, cure, smoke and dry all their meats in-house, so the smell in the shop is amazing. People literally line up around the block to get lunch at Salumi. The meat, cheese and antipasto plates are a must. The more variety, the better.

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2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Largely regarded as one of Seattle's top restaurants, Canlis was doing farm-to-table long before it was cool. This intimate eatery has been in the Canlis family for three generations, and its founder, Peter Canlis, was the son of a chef who cooked for President Teddy Roosevelt. Always on the culinary cutting edge, Canlis has devoted itself to locally sourced food for years. The best way to get the authentic flare of the kitchen staff at Canlis is to opt for the Chef's Tasting Menu, a seven-course extravaganza that builds on the strongest picks of the season.

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Taylor Shellfish Farms

1521 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

A seaside town like Seattle pulls a lot of delicious things from the water, from meaty salmon to sweet Dungeness crab. Real Northwest seafood geeks go for fresh, raw oysters, though. Taylor Shellfish raises their own oysters at their environmentally friendly farm in Shelton, Washington. A lot of the fare they produce is native to the region, so the oysters grow up safe and happy in Washington's cool, salty water. A dozen Pacific oysters on the half shell at Taylor Shellfish's Seattle raw and chowder bar in Capitol Hill, Seattle makes for an unforgettable afternoon.

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Capitol Cider

818 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

Washington is famous for its apples, which is why it's especially tasty to be in Seattle in autumn for the harvest. The abundance of apples also means that Washington is a real up-and-comer in the cider business. Capitol Cider is a warm, cozy bar that specializes in cider of all kinds, from a standard hard apple to a crisp pear or a challenging apricot. A lot of their taps come from orchards just miles from the city and a lot of the stuff on Capitol Cider's small bites menu is market fresh.

Last updated at Apr 10, 2018