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Somewhere between the well-to-do South, the proper Northeast, and the humble Midwest lies the city of Cincinnati. The city's historic Over-The-Rhine district is the center of the gentrification debate emblematic of the city itself; the district is, however, home to such cultural establishments as the city's Music Hall, the Main Street entertainment ... Read more
district, and Findlay Market. The Hyde Park neighborhood is full of beautiful old houses and a small shopping area. For nightlife, you'll want to venture over to Mt. Adams, which is home to not only the best bars and restaurants in the city, but also the most picturesque views of the skyline.

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The best months to visit Ohio are May, June and September when the state enjoys its finest weather. During these months, you’ll get plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. Other times of the year are more of ... Read more
a gamble. Winter gets cold and snowy, especially in Northern Ohio near Lake Erie, while summers are hot with highs in the 90s (32). Early spring can also be dicey with clouds, chilly weather and rain. However, by fall, you’ll not only experience warm temperatures, but you’ll get to see the state’s foliage change color. Keep in mind that popular wooded areas like the Hocking Hills can fill up with vacationers at this time of the year.

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  • Nada
    9.318 reviews
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  • Bakersfield OTR
    8.815 reviews
    Mexican, Bar
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  • Graeter's Ice Cream
    9.812 reviews
    Ice Cream and Desserts, Bakery
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Unless your coming here to see a baseball or football game then stay home. Odds are your home town is nicer.

Recommended for:Business Travelers

The city is filled with so much culture. Booming with young professionals, the happy-hour options are endless.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is world class, the Museum Center is perhaps the most people friendly museum in America and the people are hospitable. On the other hand there should be more to a city's cuisine than steak houses and pizza joints and the number of panhandlers and homeless make San Francisco look as though the question is a non issue.

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It was a fun trip on "New Years". From cafes, to restraints, to the night life. It was so grand a bit coastly though, parking is a hassle hard to find and expensive. I really enjoyed the big city, for the most part it was clean and safe the areas I was in anyway.

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San Jose, California, USA

Cincinnati is one of those cities that doesn't always have a favorable rep from people in larger metropolitan areas, but I like it enough...especially along the Ohio River. The area has three stadiums beside each other, as well as numerous bars and restaurants. You can cross bridges (by car or foot) into Kentucky, you can dine onboard a riverboat, you can walk (or bike) along the Serpentine Wall, and head to dinner at The Boathouse for ribs and a river view.

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Cocoa, Florida

I have a soft-spot for Cincinnati primarily because my Father was born and raised there. Founded in 1788, Cincy is Ohio's third largest city, with a population estimated to be somewhere around three-hundred thousand people. Although it has it's problems, Cincinnati will always be for me, what the great American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, said about Cincy when he referred to her as the "Queen of the West."

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversHistory BuffsSpiritual Seekers
New York City, New York State, USA

I've passed through Cincinnati many times on my way from New York to Chicago, whether by plane or car. There's some nice stuff to see, and they have their own special style of chili.

United States

Cincinnati is the third largest Ohio city that has a rich history. Along the Ohio River, you can find plenty of restaurants and bars and enjoy a nice lengthy walk on a good day. In addition to the restaurant and bars, the Riverfront area has Cincinnati Reds and Bengals stadiums for your sporting entertainment. The Ohio river, as you can see, is a very active river.

Local from Cincinnati, Ohio

"When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times." Mark Twain
In the past few years, Cincinnati is doing a good job proving Mark Twain just may have been wrong. The Ohio River town is enjoying a strong resurgence thanks to new riverfront development and restaurants and shops in Over-the-Rhine including the Gateway Corridor's Senate and Bakersfield OTR. The city's large public market, Findlay Market, continues to grow, and the two big sports teams, the Reds and the Bengals, aren't doing that bad. Washington Park used to be the city's haven for drug deals and junkies. Not anymore. Now it's a beautiful public park that, in the summertime, features free performances by groups including the Shakespeare Festival.
Like Los Angeles, Cincinnati is a city of very diverse neighborhoods and each have something to offer. Visit Northside for great vegan and vegetarian lunch or dinner at Melt (order it to-go and they'll deliver it to you next door at the Northside Tavern), or take a stroll through Mount Adams and hang out at overlooks of the city and stroll tiny streets reminiscent of ones found in Europe.
For the most part, Cincinnati is an eye-catching city. Eden Park is one of the largest public parks in the country, the views of the Kentucky hills and Ohio River from any number of hillsides in the city are breathtaking, and the city boasts more Italianate architecture than any other in the country (you'll find this in Over-the-Rhine) It also features a strong arts scene thanks to venues like the Contemporary Arts Center, the Tony-award winning Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and the diverse local music scene.
Cincinnatians will tell you their town is "conservative." Some will quote the Twain saying and nod in agreement - but the funny thing is that many of them have lived elsewhere and have returned - usually to start their own businesses or pursue their creative passion while still able to afford a mortgage. Conservative? Probably. But right now it's also a city full of energy and possibility.

Santander, Spain

A surprisingly cute town that has more to offer than most midwestern cities. Plus, it's super cheap everywhere you go. The main problem with Cincinnati is that there has been a huge increase in bed bugs in the past few years.