Chinchero is part of the Sacred Valley. A small town about 40 minutes away from Cusco (by bus/car), it's even higher in elevation than its more famous neighbor, so make sure you're fully acclimated to the heightened elevation of this region before coming here.

Immerse yourself in history when you visit Chinchero. Built among terraced, ancient Inca

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ruins, you can see two worlds come together when you visit the old colonial church, which stands on the foundation of ancient Inca temples. In the Coricancha Archaeological Museum, explore Peru’s history from pre-Inca through colonial times. Visit the Plaza de Armas where you can view a collection of amazing Inca artifacts. For the most authentic experience, visit Chinchero on a Sunday, when the village holds an open market. Chinchero is also a popular stop to witness traditional weaving demonstrations.

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Cusco’s main tourist season is during the Southern Hemisphere winter from June through September, which for the Imperial City brings a cool and dry climate, with temperatures in the 60s (15-21C) . Traveling at ... Read more
off-peak times can mean much better hotel deals, but the summer rainy season can make doing things like hiking the Inca Trail pretty tricky. There is something to be said about the added air of mystery when Machu Picchu is shrouded in a thick, swiftly-moving cloud, but you might not get many postcard-worthy photos. Do bring layers if you travel during the winter -- it can get as cold as 32F (0C) at night.

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New York City, New York State, USA

Chinchero is not as well known as Pisac or Ollantaytambo, but this Sacred Valley village is well worth a visit. Take the steep walk up to the colonial church, then see the agricultural Inca ruins left behind. Try to visit on a Sunday to see the colorful market.

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Chinchero is a popular stop on day trips to the Sacred Valley from Cusco. It is actually higher elevation than Cusco, so just be acclimatized first. Chinchero has a set of Inca ruins and is also famous for its weaving culture. You can visit different collectives her that offer weaving demonstration and sell their crafts. The town itself doesn't have too much, but it is an authentic Andean village.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

Chinchero is a small town outside of Cusco and a popular spot for tourism in the Sacred Valley for its Inka ruins, textiles museum and outdoor market. This was actually our first stop on our tour of the Sacred Valley.

Inka ruins:
There was a large stone wall in the town and from a high point, I saw many agricultural terraces along the valley that were said to still be used to this day by the community. We enjoyed the beautiful views of the city and valley here.

Textiles Museum:
The ladies were seen in traditional dresses and gave an excellent presentation on hand weaving that is performed throughout the region. We learned how the alpaca hair was cleaned, dyed naturally by plants and insects, and then woven into colorful, everyday items.

This market reminded me of the one in Pisac, but less touristy, because the community also shopped here for fresh vegetables and other foods. The souvenirs sold here were similar to ones found in Pisac.

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Local from Chinchero, Peru

Chinchero is a small town on the way from Cusco to Machu Picchu or Moray&Salineras. It is famous for its textiles and we recommend you to visit Chinchero on a Sunday and brows through the local market. There are also many textil centers where you can learn about every single step of the production of table cloths, bags, huts, jumpers etc... a very nice center is "URPI". We'd also like to invite you visit the Restaurant Merienda in Chinchero, a new restaurant run by a young and talented local couple. The "Restaurante Merienda" is located right above the local market and serves high quality breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner.

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London, United Kingdom
First to Review

Less know then the Pisac market, this is the place to go to buy your souvenirs. Easy to reach from Cusco. Prices are much cheaper and goods more authentic. Every Sunday, people form the nearby villages come down from the mountains. Smiles, colours, freshly fished trouts, easy to spend an entire day walking around.

Los Angeles

A highlight of my trip to Peru!

Oslo, Norway