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    0.23 miChina Odyssey Tours (桂林唐朝国际旅行社)

    China Odyssey Tours (桂林唐朝国际旅行社)

    Ranked #36 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.23 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    10.06 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Tour Company
    Popular withGreenLuxuryFoodies

    We used the one in Hawaii! Excellent execution of a wonderful trip! If you can afford it - do a private tour not with a group! Use tourguide "little thunder" ...

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    0.2 miZhengYangMen Gate (正阳门)

    ZhengYangMen Gate (正阳门)

    Ranked #46 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.2 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    8.36 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
    Popular withHistoryFamiliesArtsy

    An interesting look inside an old city gate. There's a museum and you can look out on to Tian'anmen Square from above. Not a must-see, but worth it if you're ...

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    0.21 miChairman Mao Memorial Hall (Maozhuxi Jiniantang)

    Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (Maozhuxi Jiniantang)

    0.21 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    7.02 reviews
    Entertainment, Historic Site, Monument
    Popular withHistorySpiritualFamilies

    You can see the remains of China’s leader General Mao who has come to rest in this mausoleum and is open to visitors. The mausoleum is situated in Tiananmen Square, ...

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    0.24 miBeijing Underground City

    Beijing Underground City

    0.24 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    8.01 review
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site
    Popular withBackpackersFamiliesHistory

    This place is build by The Chairman Mao Zhe-Dong around 1960. He built this place is for the people who can stayed here to avoid the war attacked. Here is ...

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    0.32 miTiananmen Square

    Tiananmen Square

    Ranked #4 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.32 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    8.2148 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark, Plaza
    Popular withHistoryAdventureArtsy

    This place is huge. And the sea of humanity that comes to visit is mind boggling. Security is very tight here. Make sure you bring your passport & visa if ...

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    0.66 miWang Fu Jing Shopping Area (王府井)

    Wang Fu Jing Shopping Area (王府井)

    Ranked #10 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.66 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    7.655 reviews
    Popular withNightlifeFoodiesTrendsters

    As an adventurist in eating, Beijing offered a large variety of the most exotic foods that will shock and awe the average diner. We went to Donghuamen Night Market in ...

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    0.49 miTiananmen Gate (承天门)

    Tiananmen Gate (承天门)

    Ranked #14 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.49 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    8.039 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
    Popular withHistoryOutdoorsyFamilies

    After breakfast in the hotel, we visited one of the great monuments of Beijing, China; Tiananmen Square. At 100 acres, it is the world's largest public square, flanked by an ...

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    0.78 miWangfujing Snack Street (王府井)

    Wangfujing Snack Street (王府井)

    Ranked #18 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.78 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    8.228 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Shopping, Landmark
    Popular withFoodiesBackpackersAdventure

    Before you even see this street you will probably smell it from miles away! The first thing to catch my eye was the deep fried star fish and various insects ...

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    0.27 miNational Museum Of China

    National Museum Of China

    Ranked #28 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.27 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    8.511 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Art Museum, History Museum
    Popular withHistoryArtsyStudents

    This is a truly global museum and well worth the two hours I spent in it. Probably could go back and spend an entire day. 4000 years of Chinese history ...

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    0.65 miNational Center for the Performing Arts

    National Center for the Performing Arts

    Ranked #33 overall in Beijing things to do
    0.65 mi from Yonghe Hostel
    9.17 reviews
    Performing Arts, Concert Hall, Theater, Opera House
    Popular withArtsyTrendstersHistory

    The National Centre for the Performing Arts aka The Egg is a stunning piece of architecture in the center of the city. When it was built, there was some controversy ...

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