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All too often Argentina is encapsulated in one city. Sure, Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to get a cosmopolitan feel for South America, but venture out of the capital and you’ll find that Argentina tantalizes visitors with its dizzying array of attractions. From tango to penguins, Argentina is filled with the expected and unexpected. While ... Read more
Argentina was on the brink of economic self-destruction in the not-too-distant past, the economy has rebounded. Traveling in Argentina often feels like traveling in Italy or Spain, but without the euro prices. Highlights here range from marveling at the hundreds of lakes that sparkle in the heights of the Andes Mountains to hiking the windswept plains of the Patagonia. Eating beef is considered practically sacred here, and these days, often accompanied with Argentine wine (Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world). Sleep off dinner in one of Argentina's unique places to stay: eco-spas, working cattle ranches, and fantastic value city-center hostels and hotels for all budgets.

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  • Puerto Madero
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  • San Telmo
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  • Cementerio de la Recoleta
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  • Teatro Colón
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Argentina’s territory covers a lot of ground. In Buenos Aires, Mendoza and the northernmost coast, it is best to skip the summer (December - February) when the weather is hot and muggy and the beaches and ... Read more
wineries are saturated with vacationing South Americans. Spring (September - November) and fall (March - May) are decidedly more relaxed, and the pleasant weather and colorful scenery put on a beautiful show. In the south of the country, the summer high season is, in fact, your best bet, as the snows of winter can make travel tough and many tour operators and bus companies limit their services. June and July mark the high season for skiing in the mountain resorts of the Andes, but August through October are still cold and make for a cheaper, less crowded time to hit the slopes.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Argentina you captured my heart in so many ways, it just felt like home right from the start.

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Pro 2018
Miravet, Spain

There's a lovely saying about the ancestry of the South American population: the Mexicans came from the Aztecs, the Guatemalans from the Mayans, the Peruvians from the Incans, and the Brazilians from the jungles. Argentinians came from the boats. At face value nothing better sums up how Argentina often feels like the most European-influenced of all the countries in South America - the striking architecture and cosmopolitan culture of the capital city, Buenos Aires, often draw comparisons with Paris. It's for this reason that when someone asks me which South American countries they visit, I always suggest they begin their adventure with a few days in Buenos Aires, as a nursery slope into truly South American culture. Beyond the capital, there's the vast and seemingly endless flat expanse of the Pampa - producing some of the best tasting beef in the world - the vineyards and rationalist architecture of Mendoza, the majesty of the Iguazu Falls and, to the south, the precious splendour of Patagonia and the haunting Tierra del Fuego. So much to see, do and experience.

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Berlin, Germany

Over the years, people have asked me what my favorite country I've traveled to is. I keep pointing to Argentina, where I spent a month in 2007. It has the best of everything: culturally vibrant and colorful cities like Buenos Aires, scenic mountain ranges, friendly people, amazing Italian-quality cuisine at 1/6 the costs, peaceful natural reserves, and even quirky towns in the middle of nowhere like Gaiman, or "little Wales", where you can eat authentic crumpets with tea after visiting the hordes of penguins that gather on the seaside. And of course there's tango, which is always fun to watch in Argentina even if you lack those skills yourself.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

I only went to 2 areas of Argentina. Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Buenos Aires I gave a 2 star, I didn't care for it. It almost felt like being in Paris, I sensed some arrogance. Shopping was difficult because it was hard to get good service. I'm used to getting a lot of attention while shopping, my friends and I are big shoppers but I felt like I was begging the sales workers to assist me. The food wasn't all that impressive. However, everyone was super nice in Mendoza. I had a great time wine tasting! Mendoza gets a 4 so I averaged it out to a 3 star.

Kiryat Gat, Israel

Argentina is beautiful Country good People and beautiful woman great food Especially meat i love it :))))))))

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I loved Argentina. You have everything from one of my all time favorite cities, Buenos Aires, to some of the best waterfalls in the world at Iquazu to the simplicity in the mountains. Definitely worth a trip.

San Francisco, California, USA

Love this country!!! One of the places that I would visit again and again :)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I love this country. Argentina, in specific, Buenos Aires, is my favorite city in the world. I have everything I could want here and have met the best friends. The food is not as fun and exciting as Thailand or something exotic like that, but the steaks and wine cannot be compared! I highly recommend a visit or living in Argentina!


If you decide to do a sidetrip there let me know as i can give you lots of recommendations!


in argentina i can go there see the god of football Messi