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Temples of Abu Simbel
Temples of Abu Simbel

Temples of Abu Simbel

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Aswan Governorate, Egypt
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Pennsylvania, USA

The Abu Simbel temples are 185 miles south of Aswan. To get there we had to join a caravan (with military protection) very early in the morning (like 3 A.M.). The two temples, famously moved, piece by piece, when the Aswan High Dam was built, are an unforgettable sight. The Great Temple is a testament to the outsize ego of Ramses II and features 4 colossal seated statues of the king. The smaller temple honors his wife, Nefertari. The statues at the entrance depict the pharaoh and his wife, and are all the same height, a unique occurrence in royal Egyptian art, where statues of queens are seldom higher than their husbands’ knees.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Made it down to the temple by way of a Nile river cruise that originated in Luxor. This is a must see location that's all I can say.

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Quincy, Florida, USA

To view Egypt’s grandest archaeological site, Abu Simbel, you’ll need to travel – in guarded convey – three hours south to the land of Nubia, home of the ancient black Pharaohs. Sculpted into the mountain, the largest temple depicts four seated colossi of Ramesses II; the smaller sanctuary’s dedicated to his beloved wife, Queen Nefetari. More overwhelming than the monuments themselves must have been the ‘monumental’ task of dismantling and reconstructing them in 1964, stone by 20-ton stone, along the banks of Lake Nasser, to avoid flooding from the new High Aswan Dam. Note: Hot enough here to fry an egg on your head by 10:30a.m.

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Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis
First to Review

Difficult to get to and not quite as impressive as I had imagined (this is a very well-groomed archaeological sight); however, Abu Simbel is stunning -- even if you only saw the doors and the famous statues of Ramses II.
Being this close to Sudan (in what will most certainly be a sand storm) adds to the excitement a bit.

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Lima, Peru

El Templo de Rámses II (en Abu Simbel), simplemente espectacular.
Reservamos un bus que salía desde Aswan muy temprano, a eso de las madrugada, porque son 3 horas de ida y 3 de vuelta, y es recomendable ir temprano ya que luego a partir de medio día el calor es simplemente insoportable. Muy interesante el lugar, nada más lo ves te quedas boquiabierto, y es muy interesante todo lo que los guías te cuentan. Adentro no se pueden tomar fotos, pero afuera todas las que quieras.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Temples of Abu Simbel

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