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There are no hidden fees when booking with Skyscanner

More than 50 million people visit Skyscanner every month - that’s a lot of searches! We’ve built a solid trust with our loyal customers but one thing that surprises new visitors is the fact that we don’t charge any fees.

That’s right, every time you use our search engine, the prices we list on our results are exactly what you’ll pay. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for flights, hotels, or car rentals, our service is completely free!

Still not a believer? Let me show you some results from our search engine and how they compare to the list prices of our partners.

New York → Los Angeles via Skyscanner

Skyscanner flight search

Direct price from Delta

Delta flight search

Direct price from United

United flight search

You’ll see in both cases, the prices we quoted are exactly the same as what you would be paying had you booked directly. So why use Skyscanner?

Our search engine gives you access to our 1,200+ partners when searching for flights, hotels, and car rentals. You’ll immediately know the lowest prices and what your travel options are (Did you notice in the screenshots that Delta flies from JFK, but United takes off from Newark?).

There’s no need to spend countless hours searching for the best price. We offer up to date information and if there is a price increase, you’ll be alerted before you make your final booking.

That being said, who doesn’t like hunting for a good deal right? We sure do! To make your life easier, our ‘search everywhere‘ option will tell you the cheapest places to travel to from your home airport.

Search everywhere for cheap flights

Go ahead, give it a try and see where you might be flying to next. For the best search results, select ‘cheapest month’ – you might be shocked at how cheap flights can be. In case you’re wondering, there are no fees for this service either – there never are with Skyscanner.

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