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Travel Smart: Protect Your Money on Your Trip

Keeping your money safe when travelling is a concern for many people. Read on for some tips on how to keep your money safe on your next trip.

Most banks in Canada no longer require you to call them in advance if you’re planning on travelling. Their built-in security features can now tell when you’re abroad so there’s no need to worry about your cards being locked. With your cards secure, here are a few things you can do to travel smart and protect your money.

Travel smart by hiding your money

This may be a bit old school but one of the best ways to travel smart and prrotect your money is by hiding it. Some people like to use a money belt while infinity scarves with a hidden pocket can also be quite fashionable. There’s also these accessories that will keep your gear safe.

Hiding your money in your shoes or socks may be a bit excessive and definitely don’t use a fanny pack since they’re easy to spot. But separating your cash into different pockets is still an effective method since you won’t lose everything if you do happen to get pickpocketed.

Travel smart and protect your money
Keep Your Money Safe While You Are Travelling | Skyscanner Canada

Travel smart by using credit cards

Using your credit cards as your primary method of payment is a great way to travel smart. It greatly increases the chances protecting your money while you’re travelling since you’re not using any cash. However, keep in mind that if you’re charging everything to your credit card, it may be easy to overspend since you’re not seeing any cash leave your wallet.

If you’re concerned about any potential fraud if your credit card is lost or stolen, you can rest easy since you won’t be responsible for any unauthorized purchases. Just make sure you contact your credit card provider as soon as you realize your cards are missing.

travel smart and protect your money
Keep Your Money Safe While You Are Travelling | Skyscanner Canada

Travel smart by utilizing your hotel safe

There’s a reason hotels provide a safe; it’s there to protect your money and valuables. It makes no sense to expose anything of value when you don’t need to. Even if your room doesn’t have a safe, some hotels will hold your valuables at the front desk which will give you some added security while you are travelling. Alternatively, you could travel smar with a Pacsafe which can fit over your luggage and make it incredibly difficult for thieves to get access to your stuff.

Travel smart by avoiding questionable ATMs

When you need cash while travelling ATMs are incredibly convenient, but you still need to be aware of your surroundings. Travel smart and try to avoid machines that are away from public places since you could be an easy target for thieves when you’re withdrawing money. A better choice would be to use the local major bank’s ATMs in high traffic areas. It’s also a good idea to not use ATMs located in stores that aren’t associated with a bank since they may have been tampered with or may have a higher exchange rate.

travel smart and protect your money
Keep Your Money Safe While You Are Travelling | Skyscanner Canada

Keep records of your spending while travelling

In the event that your credit cards are lost or stolen while travelling, you need to contact your credit card providers right away to avoid any unauthorized charges.

Take photos of your cards (front and back) so you’ll always know your credit cards #’s, expiry dates, security numbers, and most importantly, your customer service numbers. By having that info handy, customer service can put a hold on your cards or cancel them if need be. They can also advise you on how long it’ll take you to get a replacement card. Note that some credit card providers will only send replacement cards to your home address.

How to Save Money for your Next trip

Texting customer service on cell phone. Keep your money safe while travelling.
Keep Your Money Safe While You Are Travelling | Skyscanner Canada

Travel smart and change your PIN

One of the best things to do to travel smart is to change the PIN on your debit and credit cards as soon as you return home. By doing this, there’s no way thieves can use your debit or credit cards if they have cloned them since they won’t have the right PIN. This may sound like a bit much, but wouldn’t you rather protect your money than be sorry?

Credit card being swiped in machine.

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