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6 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Car Rental

Find out all the tips to get the best car rental deals! Stick to your budget on your next vacation by following this guide to saving money on your car rental.

Between the plane ticket, the hotel costs, and the food expenses – travel expenses can really add up! That’s why it’s so important to find savings wherever you can. When it comes to car rentals, there are a few tricks in order to save money while exploring a city or going on a road trip. Check out these six tips for saving money on your next car rental. Find out how to get the best car rental deals!

1. Book Early for Car Rental Deals

Once you have finalized your travel plans, you should book your car rental as soon as possible. Like most travel-related expenses, booking early can lock in better rates. Rates for car rentals often depend on availability. If a rental company has more cars available on a given day, the rates will most likely be lower. By booking earlier, there will be more cars available to choose from and subsequently, better car rental deals. 

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Tips to Help You Get the Best Car Rental Deals / Skyscanner Canada
Tips to Help You Get the Best Car Rental Deals / Skyscanner Canada

2. Shop Around

Unless you are brand loyal to one particular car rental company, you should shop around for the best car rental deals. There are a lot of car rental companies competing in the market today, so there are a variety of prices available. With a bit of research, you can save a ton of money! Even if you find a better car rental deal after you book, you might be able to cancel your original booking to take advantage of a better price. It’s worth checking out!

3. Find Discounts

Sometimes it is worth asking the car rental companies if they have any promotions or discounts. There might be certain multi-day packages or certain days of the week that come with discounts. It’s possible you just need to sign up for their free loyalty program to benefit from a base discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

4. Look Off-Site for Car Rental Deals

Airport-based car rentals are convenient, but off-site car rentals are often cheaper. Even if you have to take a taxi ride to the car rental location, it could be worth the price different from not renting at the airport. Some car rental companies even provide free shuttles to and from major airports, so you wouldn’t even have to pay for a taxi ride. Always check to see if there are car rental deals away from the airport. 

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5. Check Daily and Weekly Rates

Weekend rates and weekday rates are different because of the number of car rentals for businesses that are required during the week. As well, there are often discounts for weekly rentals rather than daily rentals. If you’re heading somewhere for a few days and you aren’t rushed for time, take a quick look at the week-long rental price. You might be surprised and get a really good car rental deal. 

6. Pick Your Wheels Wisely

Pay attention to the mileage a car will provide for your trip. You might want to book the cheapest car possible but if it guzzles through gas, it might not be the best choice. 

As well, there is a roulette game you can play by booking smaller cars and asking for an upgrade while you’re at the car rental location. When smaller cars are overbooked, car rental agencies will often upgrade for free. It means taking a big chance, but you can always risk it! Being part of the loyalty program can help sway your chances of a free upgrade. 

Travel expenses can add up, so make sure you are getting the best car rental deals with these tips. Then head over to make sure to avoid these 10 common car rental mistakes.

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