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The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails

On your next island getaway, why not take a walk on the wild side? Here is Skyscanner's list of the best island hiking trails around the world. Get outside and explore!

These island destinations are famed for having some of the world’s best island hiking trails, boasting fascinating scenery, abundant wildlife, and unparalleled raw beauty. After booking a flight, pack sturdy shoes, a water bottle, hiking poles and layered clothing. Also be sure to check in with the local visitor’s centre or national park before setting out on the trail. Above all, don’t forget your camera! From the Australian island of Tasmania to Vancouver Island hiking trails, here is Skyscanner’s guide to some beautiful hikes around the globe. 

Ben Nevis Mountain Track (Glen Nevis, Scotland)

Ben Nevis Mountain Track: World's Best Island Hiking Trails
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails| Skyscanner Canada

John Keats was so inspired by his trek up Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the British Isles – that he wrote a sonnet about his experience. The summit yields a glorious 360-degree view that extends for over 160 kilometres, and on a clear day, Northern Ireland. Afterwards, reward yourself with some hearty food, a pint (or two) and live music at the old stone pub at the foot of the mountain. This area is also a popular spot for filmmaking: parts of Braveheart and the Harry Potter movies were shot there.

Island Hiking Trails: Abel Tasman Coastal Track (New Zealand)

Abel Tasman Coastal Track: World's Best Island Hiking Trails
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails | Skyscanner Canada

This is arguably New Zealand’s most beautiful Great Walk. At the tip of the South Island, hikers can explore golden beaches, impressive rock formations andwildlife in Abel Tasman National Park. Because of its easy accessibility for boats, there’s the option to walk a portion of the trail for a day or the entire length over 3-5 days, or to kayak along the coast. Wilsons Abel Tasman offers guided group treks and designs customized itineraries to suit varying fitness levels, interests, and budgets.

Vancouver Island Hiking Trails: The West Coast Trail 

The world's best island hiking trails, Vancouver Island
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails |Skyscanner Canada

If Cheryl Strayed’s Wild inspired you, hike the West Coast Trail, a stunning 75-kilometre backpacking trail along the southwestern edge of Canada’s Vancouver Island. It is one of the many beautiful Vancouver Island hiking trails.  The scenic route follows ancient paths and paddling routes used by the Indigenous communities. Today, it’s part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and has been rated one of the world’s top hiking trails for its pristine beaches, wildlife and rugged beauty.

Know before you go: hikers must reserve a spot on the trail, get a permit and attend an introductory workshop beforehand. Beware that the hike is not for amateurs… it’s 5-7 days in the backcountry, traversing rough, uneven ground and as many as 70 ladders, 130 bridges and four cable cars. To find out what else to do and see in Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island, see Skyscanner’s guide here

Crater Walking in the Azores (Portugal)

The world's best island hiking trails, Azores
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails | Skyscanner Canada

On these nine lonely islands off the coast of Portugal, you can hike the outer rim of a volcano. There’s plenty of hiking across the Azores, but Faial Island’s 7km Crater Walk is easy and spectacular. Along the way, you’ll see the villages on the north coast, rare flora blooming, and if it’s clear, the volcano’s chimney poking out of the crater. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the views half-way through your trek!

Dragon’s Back Trail (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails | Skyscanner

For a walk on Hong Kong’s wilder side, take a short bus ride from the city to the Dragon’s Back Trail – a day trek along the South China Sea that’s considered “Best Urban Hike in Asia” by Time Magazine. Trekking this 8.5km-long coastal hike offers dramatic vistas of ocean and offshore islands, as well as paragliders hurling themselves off the ridge. Finish at Shek O village or Big Wave Bay for some beach time or a seafood feast. Hong Kong has lots more hiking routes to check out, so don’t stop there!

The Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk (Doolin, Ireland)

The world's best island hikes, Cliffs of Moher
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails | Skyscanner Canada

Most tourists view Ireland’s iconic Cliffs of Moher from the lookout at the Visitor’s Centre. But there’s a new, alternative route leading to Ireland’s most visited natural attraction: a 20km trail along the ridge of the cliffs. It’s a spectacular route with amazing photo spots and historic sites along the way, such as remains of a village destroyed by the Potato Famine.

A fair level of fitness is needed for this walk. The path starts at the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre, but morphs into a steep, wild trail with no barriers, handrails or seaward fencing and some unstable portions that require dexterity. It can be a bit daunting at certain points, but there’s something special about seeing the cliffs away from swarms of tourists. Plus, the trail ends in Doolin – a tiny coastal town renowned for its lively pubs and Celtic music.

Haleakalā Volcano National Park (Maui, USA)

Haleakalā Volcano National Park
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails | Skyscanner Canada

Staring up at the base, it’s easy to feel like a speck next to Haleakalā, a massive volcano that dominates the island of Maui. Meaning “House of the Sun,” it takes 64 kilometres of zig-zagging road to reach the top at 3055 metres, but it’s well worth the trek. The summit area of Haleakalā National Park is a hiker’s haven, with over 48 kilometres of hiking trails ranging from 10 minutes to multi-day overnight trips. For more information on what to do for your next vacation to Hawaii, read our guide here

One of the most memorable walks is Sliding Sands, a challenging hike that starts at the southern side of the volcano and leads to the bottom of the crater. The path falls away into a vast and silent valley, surrounded by lava fields, volcanic chimneys and black boulders. If you’re in a time crunch, just walk 15 minutes along the cinder-strewn trail to absorb the amazing views. For ambitious hikers, the full trail spans several days and is quite strenuous. Book one of the park’s coveted wilderness cabins, and be sure to bring both ample water and warm, layered clothing – the summit is chilly during the day and can be freezing at night.

If you’re day hiking, stick around to enjoy the sublime sunset from the top of Haleakalā: at over 3,000 metres high, you’ll feel like a bird soaring above the clouds.

Freycinet Coastal Walk (Tasmania, Australia)

Freycinet Coastal Walk: Best Island Hiking Trails
The World’s Best Island Hiking Trails | Skyscanner Canada

For a real stunner, sign up for the guided Freycinet Experience Walk. Over four days in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park, hike more than 30 kilometres across desolate, white sand beaches; climb craggy mountains; spot Aussie wildlife (wallabies and wombats!) and swim in turquoise waters along the way. For many, the highlight is trekking to Wineglass Bay, arguably one of the world’s best beaches. At night, relax inside a beachside eco-resort, while a private chef prepares a multi-course feast using local Tassie flare.

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