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8 Free Travel Apps No Traveller Should Leave Home Without

There are hundreds of travel apps out there, but which ones do you really need? These 8 free travel apps are a good place to start.

Your trip is planned, your flights are booked and your bags are packed. You’re all set for your vacation, but is your smartphone? Smartphones completely have revolutionized the way we travel over the past ten years. They have made navigating new streets much easier, group travel less stressful at times, and help travellers stay connected with their loved ones at home easily. Looking for ways to maximize your smartphone capabilities while abroad, and make your travel experience easier? Check out these free travel apps you shouldn’t leave home without.

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8 Free Travel Apps No Traveller Should Leave Home Without

1. SayHi

Good free travel app for: basic language learning on the road

Have you ever found yourself struggling to communicate in a new country because you couldn’t speak the language? SayHi is one of our favourite free travel apps that solves all of these problems. It is a free language-translating app, but instead of only accepting written input, it also accepts audio input. It then translates your sentence into both a written and audio form. It currently comes pre-loaded with 41 languages, but there are additional languages for purchase. Many common languages that you may want to translate are included, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, etc.

One thing to note is that SayHi requires an internet connection to make any translations. However, the translations are all incredibly accurate, and the app employs a very user-friendly interface so you never have to be confused about what to do. If you’re looking for a language-translating app, SayHi is all you could ask for and more! 

2. Packpoint

Good travel app for: packing guidance

Packing can often be one of the most stressful parts of travel. If you’ve ever left for a trip feeling like you forgot to bring something, a packing app could be the solution to that problem. Packpoint allows you to input your destination, the dates you’re going, how long you’re staying, and the activities you will be participating in on the trip.

After you input your information, Packpoint curates a custom packing list, with the items listed under their respective activities. It asks for your trip dates because it imports weather data for those dates, and factors that in when creating your packing list. Packpoint also allows you to check off the item (and the number of items, if there are multiple) after you’ve packed it. With this free travel app, you can stay organized and keep track of what you still need to pack.

3. Tripit

Good app for: flight tracking and saving your travel itinerary

Find it hard to keep track of your travel itinerary during your trip? Flight times can get mixed up, hotel names can be forgotten, and time zone changes just turn everything into a blur. Sometimes this results in the last-minute rush, other times it might result in a missed plane.

The Tripit app keeps everything in one place and is still easily accessible when offline. It will even sync to your calendar and send you reminders of where you need to be ahead of time. If you’re a busy traveller, someone with a hectic schedule, or perhaps just a little bit forgetful, Tripit is a lifesaver and one of the best free travel apps out there.

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8 Free Travel Apps No Traveller Should Leave Home Without

4. XE Currency

Good app for: converting currency rates

Some currency conversions are easy to keep track of, but others can be a complete nightmare. Keep track of what you are really spending and avoid being scammed by downloading the XE currency exchange app. Don’t worry if you’re not always online; the app offers live updates on currencies from around the world, and stores the latest updates for offline use. Take away the stress of trying to convert foreign currencies in your head by downloading this awesome free travel app before you go!


Good app for: user-friendly and interactive maps for travellers

New towns and cities are always tricky to navigate, but not with this handy free travel app. allows travellers to download country and city maps ahead of time, so once they’re at their destination, they can hit the ground running. Just pick your city, download, and go! The pre-downloaded maps don’t require any internet access, making this app a smart choice for anyone travelling abroad, or even if your own city!

Bonus! The maps on this app can be edited by fellow travellers, so you can input a new destination on the map. This is especially handy if you want to find recommended restaurants or travel points of interest. Once you’re done with the map, you can either keep it or delete it if you need to save storage on your smartphone.

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8 Free Travel Apps No Traveller Should Leave Home Without

6. Splitwise

Good travel app for: hassle-free money-divider and budget app between you and your travel buddies

When you’re on a trip with friends, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to split expenses. This process can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating – none of which are emotions you want to be feeling on your trip! Splitwise is an app that allows you to share bills and expenses, and automatically keeps track of what everyone owes each other. It displays them in an itemized way, so that you know exactly how much you owe, and what you owe it for.

Additionally, this free app sows detailed transaction histories, so you can see what everyone paid for. In terms of payment, you can record a settled cash payment, or send money through PayPal or Venmo (where available).

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7. Pocket

Good travel app for: saving video, audio, and other documents when travelling without WiFi

Have you ever been on a long bus/train/plane ride and had no internet access? This can often make the ride even longer and more excruciating than necessary. With Pocket, you can save articles, videos, and stories from the pages you browse and read them later – even if you don’t have internet. Now, you can save a Skyscanner travel guide saved on the app, and read it in depth/plan your trip during your long ride. Turn your boring ride into an entertaining, productive, and educational one!

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8 Free Travel Apps No Traveller Should Leave Home Without

8. Skyscanner

Good app for: searching cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals on-the-go

Whether you are secretly planning your next vacation at work (we won’t tell), or are more of a travel-on-the-fly rather than planning everything ahead of time type of person, the Skyscanner app is the answer to all of your flight, hotel, or car rental needs around the world. More than just a quick search tool, the Skyscanner app will let you save flights you are looking at, set price alerts or explore based on the type of travel you are looking for. A weekend away? Solo travel? A trip during a specific month? No problem! Plus, it includes everyone’s favourite Skyscanner feature; the ‘Everywhere’ option.

Useful travel apps are an easy way to help plan, navigate, and organize your travels. Download these free travel apps and get ready to say goodbye to travel stress, and hello to your next vacation!