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Porter Airlines Baggage Rules 2019

Have you recently booked a flight with Porter? To avoid any stress or surprises at the airport, it’s important to know the airline’s baggage rules before heading to check-in and boarding your flight. Read on for all you need to know about Porter Airlines baggage rules.

Knowing how to pack and what luggage to bring for your trip often involves clicking through numerous airlines baggage policy pages, which are usually long and confusing. And rules for what you can and can’t bring on board always depends on the airline, your route, and cabin class. Get all the info on Porter’s baggage rules and policies right here and you’ll be well prepped for your next trip!

Porter Airlines Baggage Rules 2019

  • Carry-on luggage: Porter allows for one personal item per passenger.
  • Liquids and gels: A maximum of 100 millilitres (100 grams) for any individually packaged liquid or gel.
  • Checked baggage: Checked baggage allowance and fees vary based on flight route and seat class.
  • Sporting equipment must meet weight and size restrictions of baggage. Equipment typically counts as one piece of checked luggage.
  • Other equipment and baggage: Porter permits mobility devices (wheelchair, walker, etc.) free of charge.
group of suitcases and backpacks at the airport.
Guide to Porter Airlines Baggage Rules | Skyscanner Canada

Porter Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

NumberOne item is permitted for
all fares except Basic.
One personal item.
SizeCarry-on baggage cannot
exceed 40 x 23 x 55 cm
(16 x 9 x 22 in), or 9 kg.
Must fit in the overhead
bins or under the seat,
without assistance.
Personal items (purse,
laptop bag) cannot
exceed 43 x 16 x 33 cm
(17 x 6 x 13 in), or 9 kg
(20 lb) in weight.
Excess Baggage
Additional baggage
fees apply for items
that exceed the
allowance. Expect
to pay anywhere
from an extra $47.50
to $129.38 (taxes incl).
Passengers travelling
with an infant
can bring
a diaper bag and a
stroller/car seat for free.
Passengers travelling 
with pet carriers
will only be allowed to
bring a personal item in
addition to the carrier.

Latest information from July 26, 2019. For more on Porter’s carry-on baggage prices and rules, visit their website.

Porter’s Checked Baggage Allowance

PriceFor base fares:
all checked
baggage comes
w/ a fee.
Fees start from
C$32.50 for the 1st
checked bag on
economy flights.
Option Plus &
Club Class:

1st checked
bag is free.
Bags over the
limits (32 kg and
158 cm & 203 cm
will be charged
an additional
Size & weightL+W+H under 
158 cm (62 in) and
max weight is
23 kg .
Save on fees by
paying online,
versus at the
check-in counter.
MilitaryActive or retired
Canadian and U.S.
military personnel
are able to check
up to three bags
for free, and will
not be penalized
for oversized bags.

The latest information as of July 26, 2019. For more information on baggage prices not listed on this guide to Porter’s baggage rules, visit the checked baggage fees section of the website.

Restricted Items on Porter

Carry-On LiquidsLiquids and gels in
carry-on bags
must not exceed
100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz) 
and must be in
marked containers.
Liquids and gels
that don’t meet
these requirements
will be confiscated
at security.
MedicationCarry your medication
with original
prescription container.
Alert cabin crew if you
plan on using needles,
and they will provide
you with a disposal bin.
Give Porter 48 hrs
if you
have any food
allergies, and they’ll
remove it from the
menu and create a
buffer zone.
Other EquipmentMobility aids allowed
free of charge.
need to be within
the limits of the cargo
Shaving razor without
a removed blade.
E-cigarettes and lighters:
not allowerd in checked
baggage but okay
for carry-on.
Cannabis under 30 grams
allowed for travel
within Canada only.

The latest information as of July 26, 2019. For the most up-to-date baggage restrictions and allowances, visit the restricted items section of the website.

For more information, check Porter’s website here

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Guide to Porter Airlines Baggage Rules | Skyscanner Canada

Tips for Baggage on Porter Airlines

  • Airport Rules: Ensure that you are following the airport rules. In some cases at international airports, the airport may have different rules than those listed on our guide to Porter Airlines baggage rules. Verifying that you are following airport rules in addition to Porter rules will save time and help you get through security smoothly.
  • Tips for Carrying Liquids: Remember to empty out your water bottle before arriving at security. Having an open bottle of water will lead to security stopping you, and is an issue that can often take a long time to resolve. Empty water bottles are fine to bring through security. Make sure you adhere to this rule, as any liquid over 100 ml is strictly prohibited.

Need to know the baggage rules for other airlines?

Following this guide to Porter Airlines baggage rules will ensure that you have a hassle-free beginning to your trip. Get ready to breeze through security, board the plane without extra baggage fees, and have an incredible trip!

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Disclaimer: Information correct as of July 26, 2019, obtained from Always check the latest guidance with Porter Airlines before booking a trip.