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Plan your trip with Skyscanner – a guide to our newest travel booking features

Times are tough for travellers. But with the world preparing to reopen in 2021, we're here to keep you dreaming and planning for your next adventure – whether that's a staycation or flying off to parts unknown. Until then, we've got the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates to keep you up to date and ready to go.

There’s no denying it – the pandemic has changed the way we travel and how we book flights, hotels, and car rentals. These days, more travellers are prioritizing things like finding the best flexible policies for booking a trip and greener choices when they fly.

And, as travellers ourselves, we know how important it is to plan that perfect trip. That’s why we’ve added some user-friendly travel booking features to help make flexible and greener travel more accessible to you. From finding flights and hotels with cancellation policies, to getting flexible deals on your car rental and booking eco-friendly flights, Skyscanner’s new features are here to help you plan your next trip with confidence. We’ll go over how to use our latest features in this post, including our Multi-City and Everywhere search tools built for travellers to find the best travel deals out there.

Travel booking: flexible flights and hotels

With constantly changing restrictions over the past year, there’s some unpredictability when it comes to booking travel. Fortunately most airlines and hotels have lightened that load by implementing flexible policies to help customers with their travel planning, such as eliminating any change or cancellation fees to their terms.

Skyscanner’s travel booking website and app has new and accessible features which easily allow you to find flexible travel options, while still showing you the best flight and hotel deals out there. 

How to book a flexible flight online with Skyscanner

When booking flights on the Skyscanner app, just type in your departure and destination city and, under the Sort & Filter section at the top of the screen, toggle the switch “Only show airlines with flexible tickets.”

skyscanner app screenshot and a list of flights from Toronto to Vancouver with the flexible tickets option enabled
Travel booking apps to help you book flexible tickets

In the search results, you’ll see these flight options marked as “Flexible ticket” with a purple icon next to it. Click on the flight of your choice and you will get the airline’s cancellation policy details on the following page.

When searching for flight deals on Skyscanner’s website, check the box that reads “Flexible tickets only” under the flight details section, and our search engine will only pull up flights with no-fee cancellation or change policies.

We provide the direct link to the airline’s website so you can double-check their flexible travel rules and make sure it’s the right cancellation policy for you.

Book hotels with free cancellation

The best hotel booking websites and apps should make you feel confident when it comes to booking travel. When searching for hotel deals on Skyscanner, you can easily see the hotel’s cleanliness rating and if the hotel offers free cancellation policies.

When making a hotel reservation on our travel booking site in Canada, simply check the box with free cancellation on the main page or sidebar, and the search results will only show you hotels that offer this flexible travel option.

There’s also a filter that allows you to only see hotels with a 4.5/5 + cleanliness rating, which are updated in real-time and based on direct guest feedback through our partnership with TripAdvisor.

hotel search results skyscanner
Hotel deals online with free cancellation

Rental car booking

If you’re not ready for an international trip, a domestic road trip may be the perfect adventure to get back out there! But even when booking travel in Canada, anything can happen. To assure you’re covered no matter what, look for car rentals with free cancellation. Here’s how to find these flexible travel booking options with Skyscanner.

When searching for a car rental deal, click the sidebar cancellation policy filter and the search results will only show you car rental companies that offer flexibility within 48 hours of the rental car booking pick-up time.

rental car booking screenshot skyscanner
Car booking on Skyscanner

Need some travel inspiration for this summer? Check out these epic road trips in Canada!

Greener travel choices with Skyscanner

While travel has plenty of positive impacts on the world, there’s no denying the problems brought by global tourism, which became clear when the world suddenly shut down and Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) emissions fell sharply.

This time at home has given us a unique opportunity to reflect on the impact of human activity on the planet– including how we travel. The United Nations World Tourism Organization has called for a responsible recovery of the tourism sector founded on sustainability, so how can we as travellers help support this shift?

It’s time to reconsider the choices we make when we want to fly. With Skyscanner’s “Greener choices” label, you can choose flights that are more eco-friendly.

All airplane engines burn fuel which releases CO₂ into the atmosphere, but some burn less fuel or emit less CO₂ than others. So we’ve started labelling these to help you make an informed choice when planning your travels. When searching for flights on our travel booking app or website, you can filter your search results to “Greener Choice flights only.”

filter section on Skyscanner's travel app with greener choice flights only selected
New features on our travel app: Greener choices

We use industry-sourced data to make our calculations on what makes a flight more eco-friendly. There are three main factors which come into play:

  • Aircraft type: Considers the aircraft type and emissions it produces. Generally, newer aircraft with the latest engine models tend to be more fuel-efficient.
  • Capacity: A larger aircraft typically results in lower emissions per person with a full plane, but newer models and efficient engines means that this is changing.
  • Flight route and length: Since most emissions come from take-off and landing, direct flights are often the greenest. We calculate if a flight itinerary has stopovers or is a non-stop flight, and we also calculate based on flight length.

We label flights that emit less than the average amount of CO₂, so you can identify eco-friendly flights and compare them with your other flight options.

Greener choices label on a flight search on Skyscanner, screenshot from mobile
Greener choices can be found on Skyscanner’s flight search app

Travel booking features for the best deals

Book cheap flights: search by everywhere

Want a great flight deal but don’t know where to go? One of Skyscanner’s best features is the “Everywhere” search tool, which helps explorers like you find the best flight deals. It’s an ideal way to plan your next vacation to the cheapest destinations around the world from your chosen departure city!

Everywhere flight search from Toronto to Everywhere, screenshot of the Skyscanner travel app
Cheapest flights to anywhere in 2021

Using the search bar, put in the location you’re leaving from, choose “Everywhere” as the destination, pick a date, and this feature will show you cheap domestic and international flight tickets. If you have more flexibility in your travel plans, you can search by the whole month or the cheapest month, which can help you find incredible travel deals.

Check out this guide for more inspiration on how to use the search by everywhere feature to find amazing travel deals.

Booking multi-city flights

The Multi-City flight search is one of our favourite travel booking tools. It’s a great way to see more of the world for less, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming booking multi-city flights. Here’s how to do it on Skyscanner:

When you’re browsing flights on the Skyscanner app, all you have to do is select “Multi-City” at the top of the search panel, select your dates, and add up to six flights to your itinerary.

If you’re travel booking on our website, click the Multi-City button on the main flight search page, and it will bring up another search bar that allows you to add in multiple points of departure and arrival. If you’re making an international flight booking with several stops, you can click the “add another flight” button to add up to six different stops.

multi city flight search on Skyscanner's travel app
Multi-City flights on our travel app

As we enter this new era of travel, Skyscanner’s new travel booking features are there to help you with stress-free planning so you can travel more responsibly and confidently. We are always updating the information we provide, but it’s wise to double-check local government guidelines directly from the source before planning any trips during COVID.

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