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Kickstarter Travel Gadgets For Your Collection

Most of us are familiar with Kickstarter, the online crowdfunding website. Over the past few years, several pretty cool products have been launched from the platform, including 2016’s Koze; the brightly coloured inflatable lounge chairs perfect for parks, beaches, hiking, and docks. So what’s next? Here are some of the coolest Kickstarter travel gadgets.

Kickstarter Travel Gadgets #1: Surfing Worldwide

Surfing Worldwide’s goal is to create the ultimate resource for travellers who love to surf. This gadget is both an infographic and a map of 108 surf regions and over 600 surf spots around the world. It will show you the best (and worst) times of the year to go to various destinations, making it easier to plan your epic surfing vacation. So, if you are a traveller who loves to surf, or a surfer who wants to travel, this might be one of the Kickstarter travel gadgets to look into.

Kickstarter Travel Gadgets #2: Magpie

Trackers are becoming more and more popular with travellers, and the Magpie just might be the best one out there. Small and lightweight, the Magpie takes up no space and is easy to carry. You can use them at home on your pet, car keys, and with your children. They are also perfect for travelling. This is one of the most versatile of the Kickstarter travel gadgets and you can use them on your luggage, leave one with your travel partner when you go separate ways, and even stick one on your bike or drone. Magpie is different because it uses GPS rather than Bluetooth and works in over 185 countries.

Kickstarter Travel Gadgets #3: Splash Drone 3

Drones have become hugely popular among travellers who are interested in photography, but how often do you hear horror stories about them being blown out into the water, crashing into the water, or the battery dying while it’s over water? It happens a lot.

The Splash Drone 3 is one of the Kickstarter travel gadgets that promises to remove that fear. It’s not only waterproof, but it floats. Perfect for island hoping, flying over cliffs, or taking it out for a day on the boat.

Kickstarter Travel Gadgets #4: BIKI

If a drone that floats isn’t exciting enough for you, what about one that is designed to actually work underwater? BIKI is the first bionic underwater drone. This fish shaped drone automatically balances itself, has 4k HD video and a built-in avoidance system. Plus, thanks to its bionic design, BIKI doesn’t scare off the marine life, allowing you to get some amazing footage. Use it in the pool, a lake, or in the ocean to record your own underwater adventures.

Kickstarter Travel Gadgets #5: The Undress

Made for women on the go, the Undress has been nicknamed the most versatile dress in the world. Currently funding for version 4, this garment is already a favorite. It was originally designed to help women change in public, without fear of getting naked or accidentally showing too much skin. This makes it perfect for days at the beach, the gym, or even out on the trails.

The Undress offers a unique fitting system to better fit a variety of body types. The Undress comes in junior sizing, a standard size, and a plus size. It can also be tied different ways for different looks. If you’re looking for the perfect dress for your next vacation, this might just be one of the Kickstarter travel gadgets you should keep your eye on.

Kickstarter Travel Gadgets #6: SAOLA Shoes

Made by people who love nature and the outdoors, in an effort to maintain and protect the environment, SAOLA shoes are comfortable, eco-friendly shoes made out of recycled and organic materials. What many people don’t know is that the textile industry (clothing, shoes etc.) is the second largest contributor to pollution around the world. SAOLA is trying to make a difference to help stop this and uses everyday junk items, like water bottles and corks, to create fun and stylish footwear. If you’re into stylish shoes and dedicated to protecting the environment, this might be one of the Kickstarter travel gadgets you’ll want to consider.

Once they get up and running, SAOLA promises to donate 5% from each pair of shoes sold to conservation projects around the world. They will be partnering with 1% For the Planet to help determine the best projects for their money while also allowing the consumer to decide what type of project their portion gets goes to support; land, water, or wildlife conservation.

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