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10 Tips to Help you Save Money on Your Next Euro-trip

If you’re planning a Eurotrip, you may have quickly realized that costs can add up fast. Everything you want to see or do affects your budget, so how do you keep your wallet happy? We’ve come up with 10 tips to help you save money on your Eurotrip.

Use Skyscanner

Shameless plug here, but if you use our flight search engine above, you’ll get access to our 1,200+ partners in one search. There’s no need to search multiple sites anymore; we’ll find you the lowest price right away. If you’re flexible, set up a price alert or use our search whole month and let us do the work for you. Remember, even if you’re travelling to a neighbouring country, flying may still be the cheapest option.

Purchase an attraction pass

Attraction passes are appealing since you get access to multiple attractions for a single price. The pass makes sense if you plan on visiting multiple sites, but you still need to add up the regular admission cost to find out if the price of the pass is worth it. Some passes may include unlimited use of public transportation which may seem like a deal, but again, you need to figure out if you’re actually saving money or not. Keep in mind that some of these passes allow you to skip lines which may be worth it since it’ll save you time.


Consider all your transportation options

Besides flying, you can take a train or bus. Which mode of transportation you choose depends on your route and what’s more practical. For example, a train from London to Amsterdam is about 6 hours, but a flight will cost you about the same price and only take you about 3-4 hours total including the time you spend at the airport. Buses may be cheap, but sometimes they can take a very long time to reach your destination. Your time is valuable, so the cheapest option may not make the most sense.

Choose your destinations wisely

Where you go in Europe will determine how much you spend. Ireland is much more expensive compared to Hungary while Portugal is significantly cheaper than Spain. Generally speaking, Eastern Europe is much more affordable than the west. Travelling to fewer countries may also reduce your overall costs since you won’t be moving around as much.

Choose your destinations wisely

Grocery stores are your best friend

It doesn’t matter if you’re backpacking through Europe or just exploring a single country, grocery stores will be your best friend. By picking up breakfast items, snacks, and water, you can save a fair amount of money. Many grocery stores also offer prepared meals if you’re looking for something a little nicer. There’s nothing wrong with eating out while on vacation, but if you do it every meal, you could go broke fast.

Look for student discounts

Many attractions and even restaurants offer student discounts. Trust me, if you’re a student, getting 10% off admission or a free appetizer will go a long way. To prove that you’re a student, just bring your regular student card. However, it may worth paying to get an International Student Identity Card as it’s the only internationally accepted student identity card.

Look for student discounts

Free attractions

Nothing is better than free right? Every city you visit will have some free attractions to check out. In some cities, it’s pretty common for museums and art galleries to be free. Even when they’re not free, they may offer free or discounted days. Public parks are one of the best free attractions, and no one is going to charge you money if you’re just exploring a neighbourhood.

Consider all your accommodation options.

Our hotel search will help you find the cheapest rooms, but there are a few extra ways you can save. Look for accommodations that aren’t downtown but on a transit line. This way, you’ll avoid paying the premium prices while still having easy access to the main sites. Hotels aren’t your only option; you could always try Airbnb, hostels, or even Couchsurfing. If you do decide on a hostel, booking a dorm with more beds will usually cost you less, but sleeping in a room full of strangers doesn’t appeal to everyone.


Use a travel rewards credit card

Using a travel rewards credit card for your day-to-day purchases can help you save money since you’ll be racking up points which you can then use to redeem for travel. Travel rewards credit cards may also offer additional benefits such as travel insurance, lounge access, car rental insurance, and much more which will easily offset some of the costs of your Eurotrip.

Research train passes

Train passes make a lot of sense, but it depends on your itinerary which is why you need to do some research. A Eurail global pass will give you access to the most routes while a select pass will cover you for 2-4 neighbouring countries. There are also multi-country regional passes and single-country passes available. Of course, you can also buy point-to-point tickets. Once you figure out a rough route, it’s a bit easier to figure out what train pass is best for you. Take the time to do the research, the money saved will be worth your time.

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