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Expedia Flight Deals: Save Money in 2020

Save time and energy by searching for airline deals and Expedia deals all in the same place! You can save money by booking cheap flights on Expedia through Skyscanner.

Searching for deals on Skyscanner is super easy and gives you results for so many airlines and other booking sites like Expedia. This makes it easy to compare prices, layovers, and travel lengths. Find updates on the latest Expedia deals right here.

The Latest Flight Deals With Expedia Below 👇🏽

Below are some of the best Expedia flight deals available on Skyscanner Canada. Get inspired for your next trip and book a cheap flight with no hassle.

Departure CityDestination CityRound-Trip Fare
TorontoBelize City➡️$960
TorontoSao Paulo➡️$593
VancouverDenpasar (Bali)➡️$637
MontrealStockholm ➡️$1,187

*Last updated on March 11, 2020. In light of recent events with COVID-19, we are currently not updating the deals here at this time. Please check the Government of Canada website for the latest COVID-19 updates and travel advisories. 

How to Book with Expedia

Skyscanner makes it really easy to find cheap flights and book them through Expedia. Save time searching for the best deals by following these steps:

  1. Search for flights as you normally would. Enter your departure city, destination city, dates, and passenger numbers.
  2. When you find a flight you like, click on the green button that says “See Deals.” This will bring you to a page with a list of all the flight providers, including Expedia when available.
  3. Click on the Expedia option to be redirected to the Expedia site, where you can log in and use your Expedia points!

Expedia Reward Points

Expedia has their own reward points system that works on top of frequent flyer miles. That’s right – you can actually get points in two different ways for flight purchases – another great way to save money on travel!

The Expedia points system is more geared towards hotel and vacation packages, but you can also earn 1 point per $5 CAD spent on flights. Not bad, eh?

You can even use your Expedia account to book flights for someone else (spouse, kids, parents) and receive the Expedia points while they receive the frequent flyer miles.

Your Expedia points are then redeemable on travel booked through the Expedia site. This also applies to flights and hotels found through Skyscanner and booked on Expedia.

Choosing a Loyalty Program

With Expedia, you can get reward points on both Expedia and the airline loyalty program, saving you money on future travel in two different ways.

However, for hotels, you do not double up on points. You have to choose between booking through Expedia and receiving those points or booking directly through the hotel for those points.

If staying at the same brand of hotel is more of your style when travelling, then it might be worth booking your hotel stay directly with them, so you can take advantage and get some awesome added perks and free stays. If you aren’t that into the commitment thing, then booking through Expedia might be the best reward points option so your points aren’t spread out across a bunch of different hotel chains.

Whatever style of traveller you are, you can always use our hotel search bar so you can get the best deals on your hotel stay.

Woman walking on steps overlooking the city of Medellin during the day
Expedia Flight Deals: Save Money in 2020

Learn More About Loyalty Programs

There’s always some sort of loyalty program to join as a customer, and the same goes for the travel world! Don’t miss the opportunity for some great benefits when it comes to flights, hotels, and car rentals. We like to stay in the loop, so here’s a list of some travel rewards programs below.

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Book Through Expedia or Book Through an Airline?

Ultimately, the choice to book through Expedia or book directly from an airline is up to you.

Sometimes Expedia has the best deals and special last-minute sales. Sometimes the airline has better seat sales or discount codes – like the Air Canada Lunar New Year seat sale!

With Expedia, you can double up on reward points, but there is also a middleman if you need to deal with flight cancellations and missed connections. Most delayed flights are easily rebooked, but if there are any major issues, there is a third party that gets involved.

Booking flights with Expedia or with a direct airline are both super simple on Skyscanner Canada. Simply check the flight options and pick the one that is right for you.

Find Last-Minute Flight Deals

How to Contact Expedia

If you need to reach someone by phone at Expedia, you can call them directly or you can ask them to call you through their online form. The online form provides an estimated wait time so you know how long you might have to wait to receive a call from an Expedia agent.

Call them directly:

  • Local (toll-free): 1-800-489-9103
  • From abroad (charges apply): +1 417-521-0859

Online call-back system:

  • Click on “Support” in the upper right menu bar
  • On the support page, click “Contact Us” on the upper right hand (it’s grey and tries to blend in with the page).
  • Choose any topic. This will allow the phone form to pop up.
  • Enter your data and wait for a phone call

Save Time and Money by Booking with Expedia

Get great deals with Expedia by searching for flights on the Skyscanner search engine.

Save time by comparing all the flight deals in one place, and save money by finding the flight price that accommodates your budget.

Plus, you get bonus reward points when booking with Expedia to put towards your future travel plans so you can keep heading to your dream destinations.

Find even more flight deals with Skyscanner 👇🏽