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Best Travel Jobs: Top 5 Jobs to Travel the World

Travelling the world and getting paid to do it. Sounds like the ultimate dream job, no? But it doesn’t have to be just a dream. With changing technology and the way business is being done these days, travelling the world while getting paid is more and more attainable. It just requires some training, skills and a big sense of adventure. Below are some of the best travel jobs in the world!

Best Travel Jobs #1: English Teacher

English teachers are in high demand all around the world with placements ranging from private English Academies to accredited International Schools. Some of the hot spots include South Korea, Japan, Dubai, and Colombia. Some positions require no previous teaching experience, though having a TEFL or TESOL certificate (which can be completed online) gives you an edge. Contracts generally last 1 to 2 years and include perks such as flights and housing expenses covered, plus signing bonuses upon contract completion. It’s consistently known as one of the best travel jobs.

Teaching english in another country can be one of the best travel jobs

Best Travel Jobs #2: Travel Writer

Being a travel writer may seem like the best travel job in the world, but many don’t fully understand how much work it requires. Unless you’re employed by a major publication who will send you on assignments, most travel writing is done on a freelance basis these days. This means you’re constantly having to pitch publications and find unique story angles that haven’t been covered before. That being said, when a story requires you to eat your way through Italy or island hop through Southeast Asia, it may not be such a bad gig after all.

Travel writers have an opportunity to work and travel

Best Travel Jobs #3: Sports Instructor

If you love sports and being outdoors, and enjoy interacting with people, teaching sports could be a great travel job to take you all around the world. From skiing to scuba diving, surfing to yoga instructors, tour and adventure companies are always looking for people with these specialized skills. You’ll have to have training, experience and certifications in your niche area to get these jobs, but the options and locations for you to practice and teach can be endless.

Sports Instructor get a chance to work while they travel

Best Travel Jobs #4: Web / Graphic Designer

These days, more and more people are running their own online businesses. And as such, many of them need help to create their company websites and graphics. Being a web and/or graphic designer is one of the best travel jobs in the world because it can be done while being completely location independent. Your work travels with you and if you need to touch base with clients, you’ve got email and Skype!

A career as a freelance graphic designer can help you travel and work

Best Travel Jobs #5: Virtual Assistant

Another job that you can do from anywhere in the world is working as a virtual assistant. If you’re not familiar with this job, you’re essentially helping small businesses with a variety of tasks – social media management, email newsletters, research, content creation, even video editing. You’ll need to be well-versed in the areas in which you would support a business as a virtual assistant, but with a few clients to your name, you can be making money while you travel and call the beaches of Thailand or the cafés of France your ‘office’.

Become a Virtual Assistant and work from anywhere

Get a great travel job

All of these travel jobs can be done from anywhere in the world, so the question is, where will you head off to? We have 1,200+ partners so use our search engine now to find the cheapest destinations from your home airport. A combination of working remotely and living in a country with low expenses is perfect for digital nomads.